Shambhala Music Festival Public Safety Announcement

Shambhala Music Festival Public Safety Announcement

Saturday August 12, 2017- 3:00pm PST

Due to the McCormick creek wildlife and after consulting with the local government Shambhala Music Festival Ltd. has decided to issue an early closure this year.

While there is no immediate threat to the festival or its attendees, we believe it to be in everyone’s best interest to allow adequate time to vacate the area safely. Programming for Saturday evening will continue as planned, however we encourage guests to make necessary preparations for an efficient exit of the site by getting a head start on packing up their campsite and belongings. Necessary camping equipment may remain in place and can be moved during the exit procedures.

In order to maintain order while vacating, we would ask our guests to:

• Begin to pack your vehicle

• Remain sober

• Designate a driver

• Remain calm

• Be well rested

• Plan your route home

As there are multiple wildfires in the area local emergency services have asked that everyone head straight home and not to linger in the area.

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