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China by the Numbers

If you take one picture of China, it may not be good, but if you put all pictures together, it’s a moving story. – C.H. Tung, former Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region.
The Beijing Olympics ended with the host country topping the gold-medal standings with 51 – as might be expected […]

Business Architecture

The building of a business is like building a house. It requires planning and engineering. Just as you would not build a house without professional guidance, so too should you do the same when planning your business. It’s the least you can do on a decision that is probably far more financially important than building […]

Physical Contact

As our children are born they leave a world in which they have been completely embraced by our physicality, where they are ‘held’ 24 hours a day for many months. That all encompassing touch is vital to the wellbeing of the child long after they are born contributing to their emotional, physical, psychological and social […]

Presence with Pain

Presence with Pain – The Art of Empathy
When people we are close to are going through challenges in their lives, our natural inclination is to want to support them, to help them through their pain and return to a place of peace and happiness.  Before I understood empathy as I understand it now, my response […]

Cities Can Benefit Climate

Cities Can Benefit Climate – and Save $
By Michael Jessen
In April 2007, Canada’s “new” government released a major study predicting that compliance with the Kyoto Protocol would result in an economic apocalypse.
The Environment Canada analysis revealed the Kyoto greenhouse gas emissions-cutting targets for Canada could only be met by introducing a massive $195-per-tonne carbon tax […]