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The Movement of Love

I spent five days in August at a retreat in the mountains. Our theme was Everything Changes. We engaged in a number of different contemplations, meditations and inquiries. One of my favorite questions was, “Do I really know that I will not die today?” As you can imagine, to sit alone and really open to […]

SHSS Grad Fashion Show

Ely’s Boutique and Kiss The Bride are teaming up with the SHSS grad council to produce a glam night of the latest prom trends
CASTLEGAR BC – On Thursday January 14, 2010 at 7pm SHSS grads will be producing a fundraiser to […]

Connecting the Dots

Spectrum Solutions Presents:
Parent Advocacy: Connecting the Dots with Pegg Davidson
Wednesday, January 13, 2010
8:30 am to noon
Venue: Nelson & District Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room: 225 Hall St.

Who is Pegg Davidson?
Pegg has worked as a facilitator, educator and administrator with a range of stakeholders and diverse client groups. She has provided in-service and professional development to […]

Simplifying the Holidays

Last year a group of parents met to discuss Simplicity Parenting and the holiday season. Parents shared experiences and practices for navigating this season with our values and sanity intact!  Two main themes emerged:  dealing with the larger culture (including extended family) to stem the flow of ‘stuff’ and keep a consumer mentality at bay, […]

Resting in the Spirit

Trapped in the mentalities of relationships with people, places & events, we stumble on in despair, ever seeking the liberation from our own self created illusions…
The realization of profound inner stillness and peace came on suddenly.  It was astounding.  Since that time, I have sought the return of that feeling, as it opened an inner […]

Old Dog Lying in the Sun

This is a story told to me by a dear friend. Her name is Jessica Adams. I asked her if I could use her real name and she said yes. I am passing her story along because it was of great benefit to me. When I listened and received it, it was no longer a […]

Avoid Wasteful Gift Giving

Avoid Wasteful Gift-Giving
By Michael Jessen

One Christmas when I was in Grade Three, I starred in a school play about some children who snuck down to unwrap presents under the tree well before Christmas morning. The parents – knowing this would happen – wisely put the practical gifts, not the toys, under […]

A Foot in Both Worlds

When we were living in India, there was not much about our life that was certain, safe and predictable. Life in that country is full of wild and spontaneous happenings that cannot be controlled. Floods, cholera and diptheria, landslides, thieves, and terrorists were a regular part of our landscape. Not to mention daily power outages […]

Healthy and Fit

The Get Healthy and Fit Kootenay Campaign  is just around the corner.  This
unique campaign is the first in our community to bring all businesses from the
wellness industry together to promote health and fitness while supporting the
education of our children who hold our future in their hands.
EMG proudly sponsors local schools, local teams, local daycares, local […]

Live Exhibition

How Much is That Potter in the Window – The one with the spinning Wheel…
eARTh Community Clay Studios Supports Local Artists with a Live Exhibition

Nelson BC – From Saturday November 28th to Monday the 30th Diane Walters of eARTh Community Clay Studios is particularly excited to feature local and innovative […]