An Increased CRA Tax Attack

There are 2,400 tax auditors in the GTA. The tax collectors want your money.  So be prepared the tax man commeth and the tax man taketh… unless you are tax audit proof.

What that means as a small business is; if you do not want a CRA Audit to upset your life, cause you stress and for you to lose thousands of dollars of legitimate deductions because you did not do rock solid tax bookkeeping, then you need an audit proof solution to protect your after tax dollars.

The standard bookkeeping systems make true the words “Two things in life are sure; one is death and the other is taxes.”  This statement is true if you use conventional approaches to record keeping. Quickbooks is not audit ready accounting. If you have to get ready for an audit then you are doing your bookkeeping wrong.

Today’s punitive tax regime that specifically targets small business is raising tax havoc with our small businesses who are struggling just to eke out a small after tax profit. Taxes can kill you just as surely as stress can cause you death. CRA and Stress are spelled the same. A-U-D-I-T.

If you want to live a CRA Tax Free, Stressless life…. Learn to keep a perfect set of books. Our mission is to get the BKS (Bookkeeping Simplified) out there in the market so that small businesses pay only their fair share of taxes. No more tax and no less tax than they are legally obligated to on their non deductible personal expenses.

The tax department gets away with tax payer abuse, simply because the general population keeps quiet that they were abused because of social embarrassment. In reality 2,400 auditors who each do over a hundred audits a year, year after year, creating an amazing secret…. Show me an entrepreneur, and I will show you someone who has had a brush in with CRA or who is paying too much tax.

This secret tax shame either needs exposure, or it needs to be eliminated by learning how to keep tax audit proof books.

Be prepared, this down turn in the economy is going to generate a more aggressive tax man, who will want to replace lost income from less businesses with more dollars from fewer businesses.

It is your choice for what solutions to choose, but you need to make one or the other, failing which death and taxes are spelled the same as taxman.