Nelson Police Department

Media Release The Nelson Police Department has been made aware of social media posts being shared in the community that describe two women being assaulted in separate incidents in Nelson during the last week. These incidents reportedly occurred in the late evening or early morning. To date, these alleged incidents have not been reported to […]

CKCA Arts & Culture Funding 2019

ARTS AND CULTURE GRANTS NOW AVAILABLE CKCA and the Trust announce 2019-20 programs Columbia Basin – Artists in all disciplines—as well as arts and culture organizations—are invited to apply for funding through the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance (CKCA), which delivers the Arts and Culture Program on behalf of Columbia Basin Trust. The Trust has a longstanding […]

What’s Playing at The Civic, 18 – 24 January 2019

Travels via the art house.  The Civic Theatre traverses America’s deep south to France, to the Middle East and finally Korea, all in one week. Hop in for a ride around the world.The Civic travels via the art house. Traversing America’s deep south to France, to the Middle East and finally Korea. 3 Golden Globe […]

What’s Playing at The Civic, 11 – 17 January 2019

Clint Mule(s) drugs over the border in Bumblebee + Free Solo, Burning and Golden Globe winning, The Wife Newsletter January 11 – 17 What’s in the trunk Clint?Maybe a teensy-weensy bit of drugs, as I’m a Mule for the Mexican cartel, but there’s also a lot of good films in here somewhere. Let me see… The Mule, […]

What’s Playing at The Civic, 04 – 10 January 2019

Playing at The Civic Jan 4 – 10 Happy New Year. From memes to war zone coverage and to the battles around the kitchen table.‘Ralph’ does the Floss, and more damage in cyberspace in Ralph Breaks the Internet playing Fri – Tues. Beyond the cat video, A Private War, tells the story of one of the most celebrated war […]

Horoscope for January 2019

Michael O’Connor – Astrologer Horoscope for January 2019   Tip of the Month: 2019 begins with an assertive stride. The lingering influence of the New Moon in Sagittarius in early December carries mixed and complex emotions. An otherwise jupilant mood is countered by deep suspicions and secrecy. The Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on January 6th […]

Horoscope for the Year – 2019

Michael O’Connor – Astrologer  Horoscope for the Year – 2019 2019 will take off early in a rather dramatically due to the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on January 6th and the Lunar Eclipse two weeks later under a Super Full Moon. This tempo will remain high to mid-February then quiet down due to a strong Pisces […]

Have a Safe and Healthy 2019

Nelson Killjoys Roller Derby – Holiday Fundraiser

Wishing you all a safe and peaceful Christmas Season