Adoptable Pets April 20 2017- Heidi

Heidi is a young, female orange tabby (which is very rare!). She is quite shy, but once you gain her trust she is very affectionate and loves to get pet under her chin. Since she is spooked easily, Heidi would do best in a quiet home. We have not seen Heidi around dogs but she […]

Adoptable Pets October 28 2015 – Myra

Myra is an eight-year-old female Australian Shepherd/Border Collie cross. She has a long black coat with tan and white markings. Myra came into our care after her owner’s circumstances changed. Myra is very sweet, loving and friendly and gets along with everyone – adults and children, dogs and cats! She loves being social and would […]

Adoptable Pets October 22 2015 – Naula

Naula is a one-year-old female domestic short hair cat with a calico coat and green eyes. She came to the BC SPCA Nelson Branch after her owner’s circumstances changed. Naula is a quiet, shy cat who loves to say hello and be petted, especially getting a good scratch on the neck. She is quite independent […]

Adoptable Pets October 13 2015 – Naila, Stormy, Flash Cat & Tom

Naila, Stormy, Flash Cat and Tom came to us as strays after being born in someone’s yard. They are from two different litters but came into our care at a similar time, and bonded quickly. Having had little or no contact with people before their arrival, they were very nervous and shied away from interaction. […]

Adoptable Pets October 6 2015 – Daisy

Daisy came to us after her guardian’s living arrangements changed and she was unable to stay with her. She is a six-year-old domestic longhair cat with a gorgeous blue cream tortoiseshell coat. Daisy is a calm, friendly girl with a lot of love to give. She is sometimes playful, sometimes chatty and always adorable! Her […]

Adoptable Pets September 29 2015 – Violet

Violet came to the BC SPCA Nelson Branch as a stray. She is a one-year-old female Siamese tabby point cat with a soft, medium length coat. Violet is an independent young cat who loves exploring her environment. She may not want to cuddle initially, but when she is ready she will happily relax with you. […]

Adoptable Pets September 23 2015 – Maverick

Maverick is an eight-year-old domestic medium hair cat with a shiny black coat. He came to the BC SPCA Nelson Branch as a stray and immediately showed off his friendly, loving nature. Maverick is a very relaxed, affectionate cat who loves to have a quiet cuddle on your lap. He can be playful at times, […]

Adoptable Pets September 15 2015 – Sky

Sky is a three-year-old male German Shepherd/Husky cross with one brown and one blue eye. He was surrendered to the BC SPCA Nelson Branch due to issues with livestock on the property. Sky is a loveable boy who enjoys going for walks and is great on lead. He is very playful, especially with toys, and […]

Adoptable Pets September 8 2015 – Vince & Howard

Vince and Howard are bonded brothers who were surrendered to the BC SPCA Nelson Branch after their living arrangements changed. They are two-year-old male Manx crosses with lovely medium and longhair coats. Vince is very friendly and will likely be one of the first cats to greet you at the door in the communal! He […]

Adoptable Pets September 1 2015 – Anna

Anna is a three-year-old female domestic short hair/Bengal cross. She has a short brown tabby coat and big, curious yellow eyes. Anna has been patiently waiting for her forever home since being surrendered to us two months ago due to being incompatible with her previous family. Anna is a very vocal cat who demands your […]