A Foundation of Freedom

A Foundation of Inner Freedom, Empowerment and Peace.
By Eric Bowers

The human needs that we all share are the foundation of the Nonviolent Communication, NVC, process because it is in connecting to needs that we find inner freedom, empowerment, and compassion.  Unfortunately, many people have negative associations with the word “need”, such […]

The Road To Compassion

Several years ago I worked in the north as an expedition river guide.   Three other guides and I would each take a raft loaded with clients, camping gear, and food and float down the Tatshenshini or Alsek river for up to 12 days.  I was completely enamoured with the magnitude and beauty of the rivers, […]

Compassionate Honesty?

When someone says, “Be honest with me,” what happens to you? Do you tighten in your gut?  Do you hold your breath?  Are you at once nervous about the impact of your honesty and tempted to let free a host of judgements, criticisms and opinions that you have been keeping to yourself?  “Here is my […]

Pre- and Perinatal Psychology

Pre- and Perinatal Psychology: How Babies Are Trying To Teach Us About Our Earliest Needs.
We used to believe that babies came into the world unable to think, feel, remember, or communicate.  They were seen as a blank slate, unable to process or store information until they learned to speak.  In fact Freud had been the […]

A Relational Spiritual Practice

Compassionate Communication (NVC) is a language that helps us put our attention on divine life-energy.  I like to call it divine life-energy because I see it moving all life to grow, contribute and connect: a baby calling out to be held or fed, a cat crawling onto your lap to be stroked, a plant pushing […]

Presence with Pain

Presence with Pain – The Art of Empathy
When people we are close to are going through challenges in their lives, our natural inclination is to want to support them, to help them through their pain and return to a place of peace and happiness.  Before I understood empathy as I understand it now, my response […]

An inside job

The more I study and practice Compassionate Communication, the more I come to see that the key to this practice is the work we do in ourselves. I hear people express their frustration when they are not able to get someone to behave the way they want them to, and I hear others pronounce […]

Are we contributing to life?

Compassionate Communication is a powerful tool for bringing about understanding, connection, and peace when there is conflict, when others have done things that don’t meet our needs, or when we have done things that don’t meet the needs of others. But what about when we are helping each other meet needs? How can […]

Dynamic Governance

It is true that each of us can make a difference in changing our world, and I believe there is more potential to create change when working together as teams, groups, organizations and communities, fuelled by each other’s creativity, inspired by each other’s passion. However, in working together, there is also greater potential for power […]