The City of Nelson offers some of the most exciting shopping in the Kootenays. A casual stroll down Baker Street presents shoppers with unique specialty shops, amazing boutiques, and distinctive entertainment. Whether you are looking for a hot cup of coffee, a great book, an amazing meal, a new outfit, a unique work of art or you simply need a new haircut downtown Nelson is the place to visit.



  • Hazardous Tree Removal
  • Limbing, Pruning and Tree care
  • Topping Trees
  • Land Clearing
  • Selective Logging
  • Controlled Burns
  • Wildfire Services
  • We can prepare your wood for-
  • Fire Wood, Chips for Mulching, Logs for Building


aa-tractorworks4×4 John Deere Tractor

Loader – Backhoe – 8Ft Grader – Log/Rock Grapple – Pallet Fork

14Ft Dumper Trailer and Chipper

  • Excavate
  • Build or Grade Road Beds
  • Move Material
  • Remove Stumps

Locally Owned and Operated – Certified, Safe and Insured

Let Us Help You Maintain Your Property!

Wylee Charbonneau  Owner Operator





About Celestial Scoop

Our recipes have been formulated with a focus on nutritional value allowing you to enjoy this decadent treat at any time of the day or night. This adheres to our vision of bringing delicious nourishment to the people and reflects how we feel about real food. The ingredients selected are of the highest vibration and are processed with the utmost loving intention. Each flavor will feature a different superfood and will be sweetened with agave nectar allowing you to enjoy endlessly without guilt.

Why Choose Celestial Scoop:  Non-Dairy! 100% Non-Dairy!  Vegan!  100% Vegan!  Organic! All Organic Ingredients!

Our Galactic Flavours:
Lemon Nebula, lemon, ginger, ginseng

The Minty Way, cacao, mint, hemp heart

Supernovaberry, orange, Goji, golden berry

Maple Meteorite, maple, maca, salted pecan

Event-Horizon Vanilla, vanilla bean, lucuma

Dark Matter,  cacao, cacoa nibs



The Repair Factory

The Repair Factory
Phone: 1 800 643 0508
507 Vernon St, Nelson, BC V1L 4E9

Bust your smart phone? Repair Factory will fix it for you. Common repairs we do: screen replacement, missing/broken buttons, headphone jacks, battery replacements, water damage.

Located conveniently on Vernon St. in Nelson, we offer quick, reliable, and quality service for your iPhone, Samsung, HTC, and LG phones.

We also fix tablets and computers. Call us or stop by for more details!

Repair Factory