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Susan Kurtz of Resolution Place has been offering sound legal solutions to the residents of the Kootenays for 25 years, including;

Specializing in Family Law, including:Resolution Place business card
· Wills and Estate
· Separation Agreements
· Property Division
· No Court Divorce
· Mediation
· Collaborative Law


Conflict is a fact of life.  Evolution is dependent on conflict.  Conflict causes change.  If we interact with others, there are going to be times when our interests collide with those of someone else. Conflict might arise over the location of a boundary, about the interpretation of a term of an agreement, in business or the work place, or between family members. Whenever opposing legal interests arise, most of us would like a fair, relatively inexpensive and quick way to resolve the issue.


Resolution Place Banner (1)Providing a fair, less expensive, out of court and quicker solution to legal disputes is what Resolution Place is all about. The terms of the agreement reached by the parties through negotiation, mediation, collaborative law or arbitration are formalized in writing, and the Written Agreement is often filed at a court registry, so that the Written Agreement can take on the force and effect as if a court had ordered the terms.


At Resolution Place, you can learn how these ways of resolving disputes might best apply to your situation. Resolution Place offers an initial consultation for $300 (including tax) where you can meet with a lawyer to explore your options and look at the costs and time associated with each option.