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Horoscope for the Week: Jan 30, 2015 http://ilovenelson.com/horoscope-for-the-week-jan-30-2015/ http://ilovenelson.com/horoscope-for-the-week-jan-30-2015/#respond Thu, 29 Jan 2015 19:59:43 +0000 http://ilovenelson.com/?p=227199 Michael O'ConnorHoroscope for the Week: Jan 30, 2015Sunstar Banner

www.sunstarastrology.com (250) 352-6871 sunstarastrology@gmail.com

Tip of the Week:
As the 4th of 4 New Moons in a row each at zero degrees of their respective signs and concluding a 4-Element deep base beat culminates to Full Moon in Leo (Feb 3), we have reason and opportunity to reflect upon the bigger picture. The first of the 4 was a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, the sign of purification and regeneration, death and rebirth. The next 2 New Moons to come are in Aquarius and Pisces and both at 29 degrees with the Pisces New Moon a Solar Eclipse occurring just hours prior to Spring Equinox and will culminate with the 3rd Lunar Eclipse of 4 on April 4th constituting a rare tetrad – its own 4-beat rhythm of thunderous proportion. Yes, these are powerful signs synchronizing with pivotal times. The purpose of the double Aquarius New Moon beat is to illuminate and awaken.

In this dawning Age of Aquarius, humanity is experiencing a collective wake-up call. It is saying: hey you multidimensional beings, souls incarnate, now is a good time to set aside for a precious moment or two your interests, attractions, daily duties and distractions and come to an even fuller realization yet that our planet is undergoing an evolutionary crisis and you can and ideally will do something about it.

If you are wondering what you can do, the answer includes begin by being aware and care and then set a clear intention to do something. This is where your own Astrology can help a lot. As well, talk about it, educate and inspire yourself and others, meditate in your heart, acknowledge and give reverence to higher realities, cultivate courage, pray, call on angels, visualize, post meaningful and educational sayings, poems talks and videos on the internet, Facebook, YouTube and the like… support a meaningful cause, sign a petition online, focus on love and unity and realize that if ever there was a time to do such things with added intent, it is now.


 www.sunstarastrology.com (250) 352-6871 sunstarastrology@gmail.com

Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 20)
Dreams and visions of greater harmony in your closest relationships are dancing in your mind. Yet, the music comes to a sudden halt when the sobering realities involved are acknowledged. Yet once they are the music can begin to play again. The key to opening the first door is to be aware and let the significant others in your life know that you are aware and willing. This is how to say ‘I love you’ in action.

Taurus (Apr 20 – May 21)
Shifts and changes in the world are influencing your public and professional life. Likewise, these outer changes are quite possibly shaking your personal life. A third scenario includes social activities of late cutting in on your home and professional life. In any case, the emphasis on your public and professional life is receiving fresh activations now.

Gemini (May 21 – Jun 21)
Delving into philosophical realms is stretching your perspectives. It is likely this will lead you out of familiar territory. At worst, this may leave you feeling rather overwhelmed and even lost. Positively, you will experience fresh inspirations available for creative self-expression. If you are really fortunate, you will undergo a heart opening that will produce a deep sense of communion.

Cancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22)
Sometimes it is better to be silent, to listen more or perhaps to meditate or to research more than express, like now. Outer circumstances triggering inner realities or the other way around are activating a kaleidoscope of new perceptions. Digesting all of these will take time. Meanwhile, the prospect of making key investments for the future is leading you to learn more.

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 23)
Invitations and perhaps a push and prod or two are prompting you to reach out. Habitual modes of perception and interpretation are changing and rather quickly as a consequence. This presents a challenge to see yourself and the world and in the world in new ways. The more flexible and willing you are the easier it will be.

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22)
The emphasis now is upon improvement. Since these are core Virgo characteristics, the tasks implied should feel quite familiar. While the focus may well be upon work, health and lifestyle; your closest personal relationships and home and family probably also require your deepened determination to be and do better yet.

Libra (Sep 22 – Oct 22)
A creative, inventive and innovative cycle continues. Entertaining yourself and others with new perspectives and possibilities is implied. Themes of healing are also woven into the plot and these are linked to the body/mind matrix. This holistic approach to health emphasizes the convergence of body, mind/attitude, emotion/balance and overall energy flow. Aim for synthesis to get your mojo going.

Scorpio (Oct 22 – Nov 21)
A good deal of shifting and shaking and stimulating and awakening is keeping you busy close to home. Beyond your residence consider that home is where your heart is, literally. This is a call to weave imagination and inspiration to create an atmosphere of peace and calm and sacred intent You are being invited to a union of hearts and a communion of souls.

Sagittarius (Nov 21 – Dec 21)
Rare and penetrating insights are igniting your mind. These may even be the inspiration of profound perceptions illumined by poetic verse. Yet, they are also causing you to dig deeper and to clear away old, limiting, perhaps inherited and/or socially conditioned beliefs and self-concepts. Beyond the debris and dust that this process may produce, sublime beauty awaits your recognition. Some call it soul.

Capricorn (Dec 21 – Jan 19)
Some investments are certainly better than others. While at other times the value and reward comes from clearing the clutter and closing old accounts, as in ‘less is more’. With less ‘busyness’ you can devote more time to what truly feels important. This is a call to cultivate new commitments worthy of your time and testimony to your spirit seeking genuine balance, harmony and intimacy.

Aquarius (Jan 19 – Feb 19)
An atmosphere of new beginnings both within you and in your world should be apparent by now. The time is right to see through and beyond familiar perspectives. Exploring new opportunities and trying new angles is implied. This is also a call to invest more time and energy into your personal life. Aim to deepen bonds with the one(s) you love.

Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20)
An inner awakening is underway. Beyond simple dreams, this impulse is destined to awaken you to realities in the material realm. Yet, it is also moving you to expressions of love and kindness and healing too. While these will likely be directed to others, they are also meant to include you. Although perhaps difficult, a spiritual initiation is taking place within and for you.

Michael O'ConnorMichael O’Connor is a Professional Astrologer with an international clientele.  He has 30 years of study in Astrology, Numerology and related metaphysical & spiritual modalities, over 20 years of full-time practice and is an entertaining and inspirational speaker. In addition to this Weekly Horoscope, Michael also writes a Yearly horoscope and a popular New and Full Moon Newsletter. To learn more about Booking an Appointment, attending one of Michael’s Workshops or Webinars or one of his inspiring Visual Presentations, or to sign-up for his Newsletter, please visit his website or contact Michael directly.

www.sunstarastrology.com (250) 352-6871 sunstarastrology@gmail.com

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Films at the Nelson Civic Theatre Jan 30-Feb 05, 2015 http://ilovenelson.com/films-at-the-nelson-civic-theatre-jan-30-feb-05-2015/ http://ilovenelson.com/films-at-the-nelson-civic-theatre-jan-30-feb-05-2015/#respond Thu, 29 Jan 2015 01:03:07 +0000 http://ilovenelson.com/?p=228617 Jan30-Feb5civic_flyerThe Pitch (Jan. 30 – Feb. 5)

It’s Groundhog Day at The Civic!

Reliving a day in the world of Thomas Pynchon’s imagination over and over again? What a mind trip. A Bill Murray classic free Member Monday Movie, Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest and more this week at The Civic.

Starting on Jan. 30th, Joaquin Phoenix teams up once again with P.T. Anderson as a grittier, mutton chopped version of Jeffrey Lebowski. The pot head P.I. motif however, is where the comparison ends between the Pynchon penned Inherent Vice (rated 14A) and the Coen Brother’s comic masterpiece The Big Lebowski. “Doc (Phoenix) sees the Dude’s zonked worldview and raises it by about 6 degrees of justifiable paranoia.” – Howard Hampton, Film Comment. The Ornette Coleman take on traditional hard boiled themes is perfect from an author who has carefully avoided contact with reporters for more than forty years. “Like the novel, Anderson’s Inherent Vice is a raucously convoluted, intellectually nimble take on the crusty mythology of the private detective as Don Quixote.”

On the split, Selma (Rated PG), A chronicle of Martin Luther King’s campaign to secure equal voting rights via an epic march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama in 1965 also opens on Jan. 30th. Aside from Best Picture nominations for both the Golden Globes and Oscars, the film also won a best director nomination for it’s director Ava DuVernay at the recent Golden Globe Awards, the first nomination for a woman of colour and only the fifth woman ever to be nominated for this award.

This year, Feb. 2nd, the actual Groundhog Day holiday, falls on a Monday. What better way to spend A Member Monday Groundhog Day then by taking another spin ’round with Bill Murray, recently on The Civic screen as St. Vincent. 1993’s Groundhog Day (rated PG) has been fully restored and presented here in a 4K DCP print. Free for members of The Civic. Memberships will be on sale at the screening for anyone wanting to relive the day they first saw this great movie.

Our Thursday film this week, the Swedish film Force Majeure (rated PG) brings our little Ski resort town to that of the French Alps. A family is on holidays to enjoy a few days of skiing. The sun is shining and the slopes are spectacular but, during a lunch at a mountainside restaurant, an avalanche turns everything upside down. With diners fleeing in all directions, mother Ebba calls for her husband Tomas as she tries to protect their children. Tomas, meanwhile, is running for his life… The anticipated disaster failed to occur, and yet the family’s world has been shaken to its core, a question mark hanging over their father in particular. Tomas and Ebba’s marriage now hangs in the balance as Tomas struggles desperately to reclaim his role as family patriarch. This dark comedy was in the running for best Foreign language film at the Golden Globes and the Un Certain Regard Jury Prize at Cannes.

What a line up! See you at the movies. (I’m having the oddest sense of deja vu right now)



Fri. Jan. 30 @ 7:00, Sat. Jan. 31 @ 9:30pm, Sun. Feb. 1 @ 4pm and Tues. Feb. 3 @ 7:00pm

Inherent Vice
Fri. Jan. 30 @ 9:30, Sat. Jan. 31 @ 6:45 pm, Sun. Feb. 1 @ 7:00pm and Tues. Feb. 3 @ 9:30pm

Groundhog Day
Mon. Feb. 02 @ 7:30pm

Force Majeure
Thurs. Feb. 5 @ 7:30pm

Coming Soon: Imitation Game, Paddington, American Sniper, Birdman

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Burn Awareness Week 2015 http://ilovenelson.com/burn-awareness-week-2015/ http://ilovenelson.com/burn-awareness-week-2015/#respond Tue, 27 Jan 2015 23:51:48 +0000 http://ilovenelson.com/?p=228124 BURN AWARENESS WEEHarry the HyrdrantK 2015 SAFETY TIPS

Hot water scalds are the leading cause of burns to young children. The vast majority of
these burn injuries are preventable.
 When using water taps, turn COLD water on first. Then add HOT water and adjust the
temperature. Reverse the order when turning water off: HOT water first, then the COLD
 Always test young children’s bath and sink water before using. When bathing children,
never leave them unattended as they may turn on the hot water or slip in your absence.
 Be very careful when drinking HOT liquids, especially around children. At 60°C (140°F) it
takes less than five seconds to get a third degree (full thickness) burn. Children and older
adults, by virtue of their thinner skin, sustain severe burns at lower temperatures and in
less time than an adult.

Playing with matches and lighters is one of the leading causes of fire deaths to young children. The vast majority of these burn injuries are preventable.
 Matches and lighters are tools for grownups, and not toys to be played with. Reinforce the
concept that like power tools or a knife, the match is a tool with specific uses, such as
lighting a stove or a candle, or for starting campfires.
 Discuss GOOD FIRES and BAD FIRES and how matches and lighters are to be used in a
responsible manner.
 Discuss the importance of keeping all matches and lighters stored high out of the reach of
young children. It reduces the temptation to experiment with fire. If need be, lock up
matches and lighters.
 Discuss strategies for children on how they can get out of situations that involve fire
setting and peer pressure. Define issues such as arson and the law, children taking
responsibility for fire-setting actions, paying restitution and making good choices.
On average, every person in this country will experience at least two kitchen fires
during their lifetime.
 Discuss the dangers around the stove. Teach children to never touch anything on the
stove, or to open the oven. Children should not use stoves until they are old enough to
safely handle items, reach cooking surfaces, and are mature enough to understand safety
procedures in the kitchen.
 Instruct children to stay away from adults who are busy preparing food, carrying pots or
using appliances. Adults should always turn pot handles inward (pointing toward the
middle of the stove) when cooking. This will help prevent children from pulling hot food
down on themselves.
 Children should be supervised while in the kitchen. Talk about safe places to play. The
kitchen is not one of them.
 Discuss the dangers of climbing on counters or getting too close to hot appliances like the
coffee pot, toaster, hot pots or pans and hot food.
 Kitchen and appliance safety is important in every household. Burns received in the
kitchen are usually a result of scalds from hot foods or liquids, or contact burns from hot
appliances. More fires start in the kitchen than any other location in the home.

 Teach and practice STOP, DROP & ROLL. If a child’s clothes catch on fire, they STOP
where they are, cover their face with their hands (unless their hands are burning), DROP
to the ground, and ROLL over and over until the fire is out.
Cooling the burned area will lessen the severity of the injury if the procedure is
performed immediately following the burn incident.
 Children need to know the correct procedure for cooling a burn injury. Within seconds of a
burn injury the burned area should be placed in, or flushed with, cool water. Keep the
burned area in the cool water for 10 to 15 minutes. NEVER use ice, ointments or butter.
 If they are burned, tell children to immediately seek assistance from an adult.
 If the burn injury is severe, immediately seek emergency assistance. Instruct children
how to dial 9-1-1, or your community’s local emergency number.
 Children have thinner skin than adults. They will sustain more severe burns at lower
temperatures and in a shorter period of time.
 Exposure for just five seconds to water which is 60°C (140°F) can result in a full
thickness or third degree burns, which would require hospitalization and skin grafts.
(This is the temperature of the average home’s hot water as it comes from the tap.)


Media Contact: E-Mail: mailto:pr@burnfund.org or 604-436-5617
Available for interview:
Jason Milne, BCPFF Burn Fund Director and Chair of the Burn Awareness Week Program, and
Burn Fund Local Representatives in fifty-three communities throughout British Columbia are
available to discuss Burn Awareness tips. Many of the fire departments hold in-school fire and
scald safety demonstrations during Burn Awareness Week, please contact your local fire
department for more details.

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Nelson Civic Theatre – Oscar Gala - http://ilovenelson.com/nelson-civic-theatre-oscar-gala/ http://ilovenelson.com/nelson-civic-theatre-oscar-gala/#respond Fri, 23 Jan 2015 23:32:06 +0000 http://ilovenelson.com/?p=226260 calendar_image copyEvent Schedule

February 14, 2015

Catered party and wine-tasting, peppered with mini-performances, auction bidding and games of chance

Brief remarks from The Civic Theatre, festivities continue

Dessert and coffee served
Guests are invited to stay for our premiere screening of Birdman at 10:00pm

Why Attend?

This is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day (or not!), support your local non-profit cinema’s efforts to expand community outreach programs, and enjoy a premium local event packed with surprises, unique experiences, great food, and fantastic local and not-too-distant BC wines. And if you’ve been looking for an occasion to wear something special, here it is.

Purchasing Tickets

You have several options of how to purchase your tickets to Birds of a Feather.
To purchase your tickets online, please click here.
To purchase with cheque or cash, please email boxoffice@civictheatre.ca to reserve your tickets and make payment arrangements. Please include your name and email in the body of your message. We will get back to you promptly.gala poster narrow (1)

Our Auction and Surprise Lots

There are truly exciting things to come here – we are just getting the first items finally ready to show online, and will have more information here in the next few days. Please check back soon!
You will have the opportunity to browse our auction, buy items in advance, and place reserve bids
on items that you really want.
If you are interested in being an auction partner, please email Eleanor Stacey at eleanor@civictheatre.ca for more information.

Our Sponsors

More information about our Sponsors to follow in the next few days.
If you would like to be an event sponsor or contribute an item or experience (with contra benefits) to our auction, please email Eleanor Stacey at eleanor@civictheatre.ca.

Gala History

This is The Civic Theatre’s second annual Oscar Gala, kicking off our 2015 Oscar Week. Last’s year’s Nelson Hustle was a great party…come see what this year has to offer!
Gala Organizing Team

Many of our friends and staff are working hard to make this event one to remember! We are grateful to Amy Stewart, Andromeda Drake, Brian May, Bronwyn Larsen, Christy Bower, Eleanor Stacey, Jan Wright, Jason Asbell, John Brand, Jon Langille, Judy O’Leary, Kate Reynolds-Braun, Lisa Trimboli, Margaret Stacey, Marilyn Mint, and Sherry Perry for their efforts.




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NPD – Files of Interest Jan 23, 2015 http://ilovenelson.com/npd-files-of-interest-jan-23-2015/ http://ilovenelson.com/npd-files-of-interest-jan-23-2015/#respond Fri, 23 Jan 2015 23:11:46 +0000 http://ilovenelson.com/?p=226258 nelsonpolice***19 year-old male arrested for Arson***

On October 4th 2014, the Nelson Police Department and the Nelson Fire Department attended a suspicious fire in the lower level of a Nelson Heritage Building located at 303 Vernon Street, Nelson, BC.

The fire had started in the basement and storage area below the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences which occupies the upper floor of the building. There are also two private residences above where the fire was started. All occupants were able to safely exit their residences and the fire was extinguished in time to save the building. Total damage was estimated to be at $25 000 dollars.

After a lengthy investigation, the Nelson Police Department arrested and formally charged a 19 year- old Creston resident on January 22, 2015 for Arson. He was released on a Recognizance of Bail with strict conditions and is scheduled to appear in Nelson Provincial Court on February 3rd, 2015.

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Horoscope for the Week: Jan 23, 2015 http://ilovenelson.com/horoscope-for-the-week-jan-23-2015/ http://ilovenelson.com/horoscope-for-the-week-jan-23-2015/#respond Fri, 23 Jan 2015 19:59:57 +0000 http://ilovenelson.com/?p=224859 Sunstar Banner

Michael OConnor

Horoscope for the Week: January 23, 2015

Tip of the Week:

On the heels of the last of four 0-degrees New Moons in a row which occurred on January 20th, at 5:14 am PST Mercury turned retrograde on January 21st at 7:54 am. This indicates two things from the perspective of each of these events. The first is that Mercury was ‘Stationary’ at the time of the New Moon. This indicates that this New Moon cycle is colored by an added measure of ‘concentrated focus’. Mercury in Aquarius indicates open mindedness. Mercury in close alignment with Venus, also in Aquarius, produces the mark of the artist. Jupiter in Leo is at the opposition mid-point of Mercury and Venus and is retrograde which basically suggests challenges to think more fully for one’s self and not simply listen and believe and yet to also maintain an open mind and not assert premature conclusions.
The second factor to consider here is that at the moment of Mercury turning retrograde, the Moon was New and waxing which suggests that people will both experience and witness in others an accelerating momentum of interest for new information, insights and answers. It is also noteworthy that over the 26.5 hours which separated these two events the Moon was able to be almost exactly conjunct Mercury. This suggests a desire to ‘nurture others with knowledge and information’.

P.S. Are the Horoscopes not ‘working for you’?
There are 1 or 2 other signs in particular that are strong factors in your chart and when read them along with your Sun Sign the combined massages provide a more layered and complex interpretation. Want to know what these are? Send me an email with your birthdate, year, place and time and I will send you a copy of your chart as well for FREE.


 www.sunstarastrology.com (250) 352-6871 sunstarastrology@gmail.com

Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 20)
The spark of new friendships will be the result of this New Moon in Aquarius. These in turn will stimulate new thoughts, ideas, conversations and inspirations too. The influence of Mercury retrograde may produce more intellectual stimulation than actual action and follow through to material realization. But fresh ideas are healthy and it is good to dream and wonder.

Taurus (Apr 20 – May 21)
Seeds of change have been sown in your professional life and will affect your public status as well. These will direct you to concentrate with serious and sober intent. The shifts and changes could have the negative effect of activating insecurities. This is a call to be patient and faithful yet also innovative and resourceful.

Gemini (May 21 – Jun 21)
Sometimes the effects of widening our scope and broadening our horizons can leave us feeling overwhelmed and perhaps a little lost. This is what the combined effect of the New Moon and Mercury Retrograde may have on you. Yet, you may feel extra clear and aware, even if in somewhat unfamiliar territory. Concentrate your focus to forge ahead into the unknown.

Cancer (Jun 21 – Jul 22)
This New Moon marks the time of a potentially powerful cycle of regeneration. Beyond mere change, this implies renewal. The good news is that with a good attitude and sincere efforts you could come out of it better than ever. This will require some extra homework in the way of research and investigation. Yet, reserve the right to keep it to yourself for now.

Leo (Jul 22 – Aug 23)
Shifts and changes in your relationship life are set to occur. Increased communications is implied. The challenge will be to express your thoughts and feelings authentically, not simply saying what you think others want to hear. Positively, you will experience rich exchanges and sharing that will reveal your beauty to others and theirs to you.

Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 22)
A weave of experimentation, innovation and invention to make key improvements wherever you feel they are needed will be the result of this New Moon. The focus may be directed to your health, lifestyle in general, your work or job, your family or all of the above. Your faculties of critical analysis are running high. Just be sure to avoid directing them at people you love.

Libra (Sep 22 – Oct 22)
Some cycles are more fun and playful than others, like this one. There is also a fine weave of creativity. The biggest issue stands to be pride, causing feelings and scenarios of division and separation – the antithesis of the high point of this cycle. Beyond fun and games and social activities too, this one will end with a bang in your relationships. Aim to fashion it according to your own ideal and desire.

Scorpio (Oct 22 – Nov 21)
Some very real shifts close to home are likely now and over the coming weeks. Responding in kind, you will feel inspired to change your overall energy flow and daily rhythm and routine. Sometimes by simply re-arranging the furniture the effects can feel large and liberating of stagnant energy patterns. Do what you can to activate fresh energy and renewed confidence.

Sagittarius (Nov 21 – Dec 21)
Many new thoughts, ideas and visions of your future continue to ignite your mind. Over the next few weeks you may even receive rare and profound insights, intuitions, information and messages. These will spark your ambitions to dig even deeper. Seeing through and beyond illusions is part of the plot. The twist is that they may be your own.

Capricorn (Dec 21 – Jan 19)
Financial considerations and other investment strategies are on your mind. Acting now to secure future interests will take on extra prominence. Since Mercury is retrograde, be extra aware and even avoid signing legal contracts. This is a time to shop but not to buy when it comes to long-term commitments. Concentrate on what you want yet keep an open mind as well.

Aquarius (Jan 19 – Feb 19)
The New Moon in your sign will strongly activate your sense of identity, purpose and self-expression. Mercury retrograde will actually serve to sharpen your focus. The time is right to entertain new possibilities. This will at least provide fresh perspective. New doors are destined to open this year yet they may be located other than where you have been looking.

Pisces (Feb 19 – Mar 20)
A great awakening has begun. It is destined to activate a new scope and quality of cooperation. While this includes others, especially for the sake of business and other practical realities, it also implies cooperation with your own intuitive guidance. The biggest challenge includes accepting that your inner voice has to delete some of your ego to be able to come through clearly.

Michael O'ConnorMichael O’Connor is a Professional Astrologer with an international clientele.  He has 30 years of study in Astrology, Numerology and related metaphysical & spiritual modalities, over 20 years of full-time practice and is an entertaining and inspirational speaker. In addition to this Weekly Horoscope, Michael also writes a Yearly horoscope and a popular New and Full Moon Newsletter. To learn more about Booking an Appointment, attending one of Michael’s Workshops or Webinars or one of his inspiring Visual Presentations, or to sign-up for his Newsletter, please visit his website or contact Michael directly.

www.sunstarastrology.com (250) 352-6871 sunstarastrology@gmail.com

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Follow up- Christmas Crafty Station at Cowan’s http://ilovenelson.com/follow-up-christmas-crafty-station-at-cowans/ http://ilovenelson.com/follow-up-christmas-crafty-station-at-cowans/#respond Thu, 22 Jan 2015 23:28:31 +0000 http://ilovenelson.com/?p=225808 Andy and Paul Cowan Wrapping 2014Over the Holidays the Staff at Cowan’s set up a creative wrapping station by donation for the Nelson Food Cupboard, they collected money / food donations and were surprised at the wonderful feedback they got. “Nelson is a creative town and we thought that we could help inspire the innovative and resourceful minds of our community and we did!” said Paul Cowan. The station was such as success that they have more plans for next year and by the request of their customers they are planning more fun and creative events throughout the year.
Photo: Andy and Paul Cowan Wrapping 2014 (Andy Left – Paul Right)

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Films at the Nelson Civic Theatre Jan 23-29, 2015 http://ilovenelson.com/films-at-the-nelson-civic-theatre-jan-23-29-2015/ http://ilovenelson.com/films-at-the-nelson-civic-theatre-jan-23-29-2015/#respond Thu, 22 Jan 2015 01:28:10 +0000 http://ilovenelson.com/?p=225332 The Pitch (Jan. 23 – 29)
Wild times at The Civic
Epic hikes, magic and covert meetings with Edward Snowden keep things on the wild-side this week at the Civic.
Just off his recent Oscar wins for Leading and Supporting Actor in Dallas Buyer’s Club, Jean-Marc Vallee is back with Best Leading and Supporting Actress nominations for his most recent, Wild (Rated 14A) opening Jan. 23. Trying to escape her downward spiral set-off by the loss of her beloved mother (Laura Dern), Cheryl Strayed (Reese Witherspoon) sets out into the wild alone on an epic 1,100 mile hike along the Pacific Crest Trail with no outdoors experience.
Next up in the realm of the wild; Exhibition on Screen: Vermeer and Music, playing Mon. Jan. 26. Vermeer, one of the most painstakingly controlled painters of all time, a wild man? Catarina Bolnes, Vermeer’s wife described her husband’s premature death as follows: “…as a result and owing to the great burden of his children, having no means of his own, he had lapsed into such decay and decadence, which he had so taken to heart that, as if he had fallen into a frenzy, in a day or day and a half had gone from being healthy to being dead.” The exhibition explores Vermeer’s relationship with music; one of the most popular themes of Dutch painting, it reveals an enormous amount about the sitter and the society they lived in.
Magic is a force that unseats trust in our practical senses. Although The Lions Club Variety Show entertainers won’t whip us into a wild frenzy like the witches of Old Salem, Trevor and Lorena Watters and Roberto the Magnificent will be sure to provide some raucous fun for this great family friendly fundraiser on Wed. Jan. 28.
And talking about be left out in the wild, Edward Snowden, in hiding for leaking evidence of mass indiscriminate and illegal invasions of privacy by the National Security Agency (NSA), covertly meets with filmmaker Laura Poitras and journalist Glenn Greenwald in Citizenfour (Rated PG). This nominated Best Documentary Feature, places you in the room with Poitras, Greenwald, and Snowden as they attempt to manage the media storm raging outside; playing on Thurs. Jan. 29.
Get off of your couch and join us in the Civic jungle.
Coming Soon: Imitation Game, American Sniper, Force Majeure
Fri. Jan. 23 @ 7:30, Sat. Jan. 24 @ 7:30, Sun. Jan 25 @ 4pm and 7:30, Tues. Jan. 27 @ 7:30, Wed. Jan. 28 @ 12pm
Vermeer and Music (Exhibition on Screen)
Mon. Jan. 26 @ 7pm
Lions Club Magic Variety Show
Wed. Jan. 28 @ 6:30
Thurs. Jan. 29 @ 7:30
For tickets and other info visit civictheatre.ca


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NELSON POLICE DEPARTMENT MEDIA RELEASE, 21, Jan. 2015 http://ilovenelson.com/nelson-police-department-media-release-21-jan-2015/ http://ilovenelson.com/nelson-police-department-media-release-21-jan-2015/#respond Thu, 22 Jan 2015 01:16:21 +0000 http://ilovenelson.com/?p=225330 nelsonpoliceUpdate on Local Pharmacy Break-in

Members of the Nelson Police Department have arrested the person responsible for stealing a quantity of narcotics from a local pharmacy on January 18, 2015. Unfortunately, police were unable to recover the drugs – the investigation is on-going but – in the interim, the public should be aware that these drugs, administered by a person other than a qualified physician could cause serious harm or death to an individual.

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