Horoscope for the Year – 2019

Michael O’Connor – Astrologer

 Horoscope for the Year – 2019

2019 will take off early in a rather dramatically due to the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on January 6th and the Lunar Eclipse two weeks later under a Super Full Moon. This tempo will remain high to mid-February then quiet down due to a strong Pisces influence. In April the momentum will rise steadily through May, plateau, then peak again in July calming a bit in mid-August through September.

Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune all year, and Mars in Aries (Jan 1 – Feb 14) are each in the sign they rule placing each in a status of honor. When there is more than one planet in honor, they tend to compete for attention possibly disrupting clear decisions and focused action. Giving each their due is the key.

Mars in Aries will activate 2019 like a gunshot conjunct Uranus at critical 29 Aries in early to mid-February will prove revolutionary and momentous. January 6 and 20 host a Solar and Lunar Eclipse, in Capricorn and Leo, respectively activating new strides of leadership.  Neptune in Pisces is calling us all to seek peace, listen within and commune with your soul. Saturn in Capricorn encourages patient diligence to advance your personal power. Jupiter in Sagittarius says see a bigger picture, take a few risks and have faith in the grand plan.

While each year should be regarded as its own whole, 2019 can be understood as the launch pad for decade three of the new millennium. 2020 added equals 4 – symbolic of foundations, stability, momentum and speed, as with the principle of 4 legged animals – will prove to be an extra powerful and momentous and 2019 will be the lead-up to it.

Aries (Mar. 21 – Apr. 19)

In 2019 you will contend with feeling pulled in a variety of directions. Changes in your career and social status are likely. Deciphering who you feel you truly are and what you genuinely need and want is highlighted. Woven into this mix will be a call to adventure which probably includes travel. Tackling ‘renovation projects’ early in the year will turn to financial matters linked to big plans and ambitions by mid-summer, latest. Exploring new territory in your relationship will activate personal transformation. Maverick modes of self-expression will be increasingly clear and will include a process of becoming a better, healthier you.

Taurus (Apr. 20 – May 20)

Returns for past efforts will continue in 2019. New levels of leadership are featured. An important learning curve that began in late 2017 is destined to continue. Access to leadership wisdom is important and requires receptive mind and willingness to learn. You may, however, have to confront any lingering inner demons such as self-doubt, lack of clarity, or indecisiveness…. This includes thinking, planning and acting with the long-term clearly in mind. Expect to take revolutionary measures. You will aim to balance your ideals amidst the pressures of material realities.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

A steady flow of inner change that began in 2017 will continue in 2019. You will assert some revolutionary measures early in the year setting the stage to be acknowledged, heard and heeded. This is destined to manifest in your entire mode of perception and priorities. Incorporating a cleaner diet is ideal and likely.  You will also experience challenges to be more aware of and responsible for your projections. These will require you to make sincere efforts for the sake of self-honesty. The time has come to move forward and to not hold on to the past. Creating opportunities to increase your social network is featured.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

2019 will manifest as a rather complex year for you. In some respects, this is already underway. Positively, this includes an assertive drive to express yourself authentically, yet you are challenged to do so as diplomatically as you can. Commitment on relationship fronts is featured, but doing so on your own terms is already in motion. Feeling as confident as you would like could be a challenge. This aspiration will push you to be more self-aware and empowered. A progressive pace is likely early in the year characterized by an assertive stride to get to the bottom of things. A maverick lead in your public and professional life is ideal or could manifest as a rebel without a cause.

 Leo (July 23 – Aug. 22)

In 2019 you will be pulled inward and this will require surrender in preparation for a rebirth of some kind. This may include purging limiting self-concepts or self-deceptions and delusions about what constitutes security. The flip side is that this presents a powerful creative wellspring for you. Yet, you must be willing to do your diligence to learn and/or be trained. Focus to pay attention to the details. Get ready to do more inner work than you have for some time. This drive will be accompanied by a rebellious determination. Changes in your public and professional life could even manifest as notoriety.

Virgo (Aug. 23 – Sep. 22)

If ever there was a time to expand your vision of yourself and the world and in the world, this is it. Although a steady process of patient and diligent efforts are required, which include a definite learning curve process, your confidences are beginning to rise and this trend is destined to continue. You ambitions spurred will include a larger workload requiring you to dig deep and break with tradition and/or through limiting habits. You will focus to cultivate your talents in terms of practical applications.  An important healing process of your personal power includes awakening to a clear realization of what it is.

Libra (Sep. 23 – Oct. 22)

Laying claim to new levels and positions of power, authority and duty is already underway and will continue in 2019. These are likely to challenge you at core levels, however, and push you to face your fears to lay claim to hidden gifts and talents. Expect to be busier than you have been for some time. This trend too, has already begun. Positively, this can amount to promotions and graduations to new levels of power and authority yet could shake things up on relationship fronts. It could also manifest as new streams of income. You will likely meet new people and go places you have not before.

 Scorpio (Oct. 23 – Nov. 21)

Awakening to and realizing what constitutes your deep sense of individuality includes breaking free of limiting perspectives, assumptions and narrow opinions of yourself, others and life in general. Expect to engage your imagination in a steady process of co-creation and unique design. Taking calculated risks early in the year will activate your confidences to take several more.  Your ambitions are running high so you will not be too bothered by the required effort. However, you may be challenged to decide between the high road and the low, more than usual. Changes on relationship fronts are likely.


Sagittarius (Nov. 22 – Dec. 21)

An important cycle of change and transformation will require you to let go of control, stubborn or resistant attitudes and attachments. You will feel pushed to integrate new and better patterns in your usual approach. Get ready to explore new territory and to embark upon a renewed sense of self-discovery.  Learning new skills and developing your talents is also highlighted. This implies making key investments. Over all, your energy levels will rise steadily and your drive and determination will follow later in the year. 2019 will manifest as a cycle of expansion and increase and of boldly going where you have not been before.

Capricorn (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19)

Becoming more aware of and focused upon your most important relationships will become increasingly important in 2019. This can be understood as a call to cultivate greater empathy, both for you and others. This implies learning to be more understanding and to become more empathetic. Circumstances will push you to dig deeper into your hidden reserves of faith, perhaps than you have for a long time. The key to this process will be to humbly acknowledge that you may not know yourself as much as you once thought. This could prove to awaken you to new gifts and skills and/or lead you to improve upon existing ones.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18)

The time has come to show-up more fully in various respects. This can be understood as bringing your dreams and ideals down to earth. Your challenge will be to be even more available for whatever is required of you.  As you learn to adapt to a steady flow of changing circumstances, you will access your personal power and purpose. Expanded social and/or a deepened philosophical perspective will make you more aware of fairness and justice.  Deep changes close to home could manifest as a literal move to a new location. Exciting new cultural experiences, meeting people and making new friends are also featured.

 Pisces (Feb. 19 – Mar. 20)

A creative cycle has already begun and will continue throughout 2019. It is important that you identify and lay claim to what makes you special. The time has come to put it out there more fully. This will require calculated risks and increased effort linked to working more closely with others. A key factor in your success will be to mind your own business, literally. You will feel inspired to share your ideas visions more fully with others. Focusing to cultivate new perspectives and approaches, perhaps especially in terms of your ability to stimulate new and or larger streams of income, includes cultivating professional relationships.