Kalein Centre

November Death Café Invitation

Dear Community and Friends,
This month we will be hosting our final Death Café of the season, joining people together to have meaningful discussions about death, dying, grief, and living a full life.  We hope that you can attend our upcoming Café which will be happening on November 28 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Since 2013, Kalein has been hosting death cafés as part of an international movement of over 5000 registered cafés in 51 countries.  As the founder saw it, “Western society has long outsourced discussions about death to doctors, nurses, priests and undertakers.  The result is that we have lost control of one of the most significant events we ever have to face.”
Death cafés provide a safe and respectful space to discuss and explore the many dimensions of death, what death is for each of us, and the impact death has on our living.  This inquiry is led with sensitivity and an invitation to be present for the full range of emotions, beliefs, thoughts, questions and experiences surrounding life and death.  In the spirit that we are all both students and teachers to one another, death cafés often focus on questions, rather than answers.  Music, poetry, writing, and other creative modalities inform the experience of the death café to support the participants in a shared journey.  In the words of Frank Ostaseski, author and pioneer in end-of-life care, “We hope to discover what death can teach us about living fully.”
Please see attached flyer for further details, or for more information about death cafés worldwide, please click here.  Kalein’s Death Café Series fills quickly, and each session is limited to 25 participants.
With gratitude as your death café facilitators,
Rosalyn Cormier – Rosalyn is a funeral celebrant, counsellor and educator who has been studying multi-cultural approaches to being with death and loss.  “In accepting more fully death and dying as a natural part of the life cycle, we free ourselves to live more fully in the day to day moments of living with passion and awareness.”
Michael Politano-Bowles – Michael is a spiritual health practitioner.  His passion is helping people who want to find meaning amidst grief, and joy within loss.  Particularly, he enjoys journeying with people through the creation of ceremony that gives meaning, joy and honour.