New Online TCM Courses

Nelson, BC, November 20th 2008

The Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences, a leader in Chinese Medicine education in North America is pleased to announce the launch of on-line courses.

“We have been steadily working towards our goal of opening up traditional Chinese medicine to a broader group of people – the launch of this online course is exciting,” says Dr. Warren Fischer, Dean of  the Academy.  “The
online format allows individuals to learn about the subject while staying in their home community. The combination of audio, written text, photos and class discussion board brings the course material to life.”

The first course offered in this format will be an “Introduction to Chinese Medicinal Substances”. In this introductory course, students will gain a general understanding of the origin of Chinese herbology.  Students will study
the habitat, collection, cultivation and processing, dosage, basic properties, and methods of administration of herbs.  Students will learn general botanical terminology, as well as techniques for identifying a selection of Chinese herbs
and their related North American species.

Join Joanne Van Allen, R.TCMP, core Instructor at the Academy, on a journey of discovery with an exciting combination of traditional knowledge in a most contemporary

If you’d like more information about this course, or the programs at the Academy, please call Regula Langenegger at 250-352-5887, or email