Wounds Heal, So Can You!

With countless people attending appointments for complimentary health services it is obvious many people believe in the effects.  We trust in the practitioner that our healing is progressing or judge that to be the case when our symptoms go away.  How can we truly understand if our body is healing and tell if our treatment is actually getting to the root?

On the deepest level our body has innate weaknesses which can be seen in an analysis of the eyes.  As illness progresses and degeneration occurs, these weaknesses change in depth.  This describes the science and practice of iridology.

right eye Aaron Ander RNCP, Nelson, BCHealing too is seen in the eyes.  As we develop new tissue in place of the old, so it is seen in the eyes.  Iridology does not discriminate between modalities and tells it like it is.  If a therapy is working, the eyes will change.

The late Dr. Bernard Jensen who is one of the most recognized people to have advanced this science claimed nutrition to be the perfect compliment as therapy for healing to iridology.  His words, “I believe in Iridology and Nutrition to be the twin guiding stars that will bring in a new profession equally uplifting for both Doctor and patient”, has yet to come to pass.

Imagine a time, people practicing towards healing daily, with full understanding of their innate health challenges.  What would become of Medicine as we know it?  The philosopher who is credited with being the grandfather of Medicine, Hippocrates said “Without good food medicine is of no use, and with good food medicine is of no need.”  We need less health intervention and more of an understanding of how to maintain the life we are given.

It requires an understanding of “who we are” and “why we are the way we are”.  Iridology presents this information as well as where we may be heading, towards greater health or degeneration.

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