Electric Bike for Sale (Volt – Elegant)

Published 24/05/2023 – 4 days ago

This is a Volt (make) ebike, elegant (model) style with a step through frame. The bike is in good condition with approx. 3000 km on the motor and battery. The bike comes with front and back fenders and a rack over the back tire.

NOTE: The 3A charger will need to be ordered from the company and does NOT come with the bike, because I do not have it/lost it.

Description of the bike from the company website:

VoltBike Elegant now comes with full step-through frame. Its lightweight, aluminum frame gives you easy adaptability and freedom of movement. The 500 Watt maintenance-free rear-wheel-drive Bafang motor combined with 48v 17.5Ah Samsung Li-ion battery ensures this bicycle can comfortably take you up any hill and makes easy riding against strong winds.