Seeking long term home

Mountain heart
Published 09/03/2023 – 3 weeks ago

Hi Nelson, I’ve lived here since 2016 and I’m looking for a new, long-term home for April or May. I can provide excellent local references (I have been called by several previous roommates/tenants “the best tenant ever!”)
I’m hoping to find somewhere close to/in nature… 10-15 mins from town would be great, but I’m also open to living in town 🙂

I’ll be working as a counsellor, partly from home and partly in town and so I will need a quiet, private space for my work during the day and evenings. I really value a sanctuary-like home that feels like a safe and nourishing place to recharge.
I’m very considerate and respectful and clean and always pay rent on time (usually early). I value connections but also really value my quiet, alone time, too 🙂 I also like to get out for ski and hike and bike and paddle and climbing adventures as much as possible and enjoy meditating, cooking, journalling, yoga-ing, reading, and other creative pursuits at home. I’m not a partier and don’t drink or smoke.

My budget right now is max $1200, but would ideally like to find something for a little less. If you have anything I would soooo appreciate hearing about it 🙂 Thanks in advance!

Please feel free to email or call (604)354-6151