We have the great challenge of “owning” our selves with honesty so that we may take responsibility for everything that happens.  Such is our karma.  The fate of the soul is not in the hands of strangers, but in the deliverance of our brothers.  Each transgression or deed is due; that we may look within, […]

Do Unto Others

It came as a sudden realization.  I was living on the Yasodhara Ashram doing karma yoga.  During daily work, resistance kept interfering, as if choking me. I asked myself, “Resistance to what?” as I broke from the kitchen, storming to a nearby creek.
In this moment, it was as if the water stopped.  There was a […]

A Meaning to Life

There is a phenomenon whereby people generate different perspectives of the same event.  Though one thing is happening, each observer may create a unique understanding.  An example is taste.  Something delightful like strawberry shortcake could come across as distasteful.  We mutually accept that it is okay to have differences of opinion, that no one is […]



What we hold true in our minds tends to become true in our lives.  For example, if we believe that eating a healthy diet will make us healthy, then it likely will.  Each of us must honour our own beliefs by staying true to ourselves.  It is not a matter of right or wrong because […]

Resting in the Spirit

Trapped in the mentalities of relationships with people, places & events, we stumble on in despair, ever seeking the liberation from our own self created illusions…
The realization of profound inner stillness and peace came on suddenly.  It was astounding.  Since that time, I have sought the return of that feeling, as it opened an inner […]

Entering the Heart

We tend to be consumed in the right idea of what is good for us.  In an effort to unravel the mystery, our minds construct fantastic stories about how things should go. Mystical teachings suggest following the wisdom of Spiritual guidance by hearing it with the heart, rather than analyzing it in the mind.  […]


As we get more in touch with the underlying mysticism of our lives, we become enthralled by the vast source of information that is present.  The opportunity to expand our consciousness is infinite, limited only by our own unwillingness to let God into our lives and make miracles happen.
Often times we are confronted by another […]

Behind the Veil

Concepts and ideas are fleeting and change with time.  What is termed “important” today will change depending on who is talking.  From my perspective, it is generally regarded as important today to identify with a particular roll on Earth.  Such a roll, is meant to define us and we say, “I am a doctor”, or […]

Time for Reflection

Spiritual Awakenings at the Bodhi Day Spa…The first question that comes to mind, “what does aesthetic beauty have to do with spirituality?”  Are not these two qualities opposites in our lives?  In spirituality, we often need to rid ourselves of the vanity that comes with striving for a particular personal image, as the spirit is […]

The Great Treasure

Many call a life which is spiritually focused as “being on the path”.  What we arrive at by following spiritual practices is enlightenment, peace and liberation.
However, on the road to spiritual mastery, these practices are a means to an end.  The irony comes with the realization that there is nowhere to “be” and no place […]