Horoscope for the Week: February 26, 2021

  Horoscope for the Week:  February 26, 2021 Tip of the Week: The powerful Aquarius New Moon seed of February 11 comes to full on February 27 bringing its destined activations to full light and life. The first of three aspects between Saturn and Uranus that occurred on February 17 also invariably continues to reverberate with […]

Nelson Police Department – Change of Command

Horoscope for the Week: February 19, 2021

Horoscope for the Week:  February 19, 2021 Tip of the Week: Pisces time has begun. The Aquarius influence activated last week does, however, remain very strong. This can be understood as the overlapping of cycles. The core thrust of this chapter of the Aquarian revolution is now underway. It contains numerous levels, actually, and these […]

Horoscope for the Week: February 12, 2021

  Horoscope for the Week:  February 12, 2021 Tip of the Week: This powerful New Moon in Aquarius hosts a rare six planet alignment. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn form this Aquarius stellium. The last time this occurred was in February 2009 which hosted 6 planets + the North Node in Aquarius and […]

Oxygen Art Centre

Oxygen Celebrates National Poetry Month! Starting in February and running through to the end of April, Oxygen Art Centre is proud to offer online poetry classes for poets and poetry lovers of all levels. Instructor Rayya Liebich will help demystify reading and writing poetry, and to share the “delight in language play, have fun creating […]

Happy Family Day

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Happy Valentines Day

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Oxygen Art Centre

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MEMOIRS BY WOMEN-IN-TRADES’ KATE BRAID AND THE WEST KOOTENAY’S VERA MALOFF FEATURED AT ZOOM AUTHOR READING FEB. 24 FOR NELSON, B.C.’s OXYGEN ART CENTRE   The authors of two new memoirs—one on the experience of a journeywoman carpenter, and the other on growing up in a Doukhobor activist family—will be featured at the […]

Nelson Police Department

    On February 6, 2021 at approximately 1200 hours, the Nelson Police Department monitored a Freedom Rally that was held at Nelson City Hall.  Nelson Police observed approximately 75 participants who gathered to listen to speakers with messaging around COVID-19 related guidelines, measures, and enacted laws. Police observed some participants standing on the sidewalk […]

Nelson Grans to Grans Valentine Sale – S O L D O U T –

Valentine Sale We have successfully S O L D   O U T    of all our stock of baking.    We will raise over $1000 for the Grandmothers Campaign with this valentine sale. order instructions below Baking Selection Homemade with love and nicely packaged in boxes.      1. Mixed Cookies $15  (approximately 2 dozen) 2. Gluten-free […]