Riding the Wave

A student and friend of mine went surfing in Oregon over Christmas. We has a conversation, a very brief one, when he returned.
“You can’t half catch a wave,” he said. “You have to commit to it, and then once you’ve caught the wave, you have to surrender. If you try to control it, you’ll never […]

Just Washed Clean

spent some time yesterday with a longtime friend of mine, who is also a teacher. We were talking about how we used to think of the movement of evolution in our lives in terms of ‘awakening’ or ‘realization’ or ‘enlightenment.’ Now we both speak of this as simply ‘growing up.’
Growing up has tremendous appeal for […]

Meditation, Just Sitting & Hanging Out

One of the Radiant Mind students from Germany asked me a wonderful question today, on the phone. We were talking about the practice of ‘just sitting’ and allowing everything to be as it is, which is one of the foundations of most nondual work, or the training in awakening to unconditioned […]

The Human Clown

One of the participants at my ‘Effortless Being’ retreat asked me to write this down for him. Since it’s about all of us, about our human condition, here it is.
One evening at the retreat they were showing a video of ‘Le Cirque de Soleil’ on a full size screen. This particular video had many […]

The Flow of our Own Being

Sometimes, when I’m speaking or working with a group of people, I fall into a deep bodily sense of being held by a current of energy. This current is not like anything I could imagine with my mind. It’s not just flowing in one direction—it seems to be multi-directional, so that everyone in the group […]

Tough Grace

A friend of mine is taking a big step in her life, leaving her home town and all that is familiar to her. “I’m really scared,” she said to me, “It’s so hard to leave my comfort zone.”
I heard myself saying to her, “Your comfort zone is killing you.” For the next few days, that […]

The Soft Way

While I was preparing to facilitate a Radiant Mind weekend here in Nelson, a man called me up one day and asked, “What is Radiant Mind? What is this thing called unconditioned awareness?”
I never know what I’m going to say in response to that question. In that moment, I replied, “A lot of the Radiant […]


At one of my writing workshops over the weekend, we were writing in response to a picture. In my picture a beautiful dark-eyed woman was celebrating at some kind of party- blowing a streamer, with colored lights glittering behind her. I could hear the loud music, and the voices; I could feel the presence of […]

The Glory and Difficulty

The work of the dervish community was to open the heart, to explore the mystery of presence… and to celebrate the glory and difficulty of being in a human incarnation.
-Coleman Barks, speaking of Rumi’s community
When she was about eleven, my daughter said something to me that stayed with me for years:
“There are two kinds of […]

Sacred Anxiety

Beyond living and dreaming
there is something more important:
waking up
(Antonio Machado)
A man I work with was telling me about how he spent the Christmas holidays with his family. He went back home to the big city to spend time with them. Before he arrived, he decided to try something new: he followed the impulses and desires […]