Behind the Veil

Concepts and ideas are fleeting and change with time.  What is termed “important” today will change depending on who is talking.  From my perspective, it is generally regarded as important today to identify with a particular roll on Earth.  Such a roll, is meant to define us and we say, “I am a doctor”, or “I am a father”.  Who asks the question, “What am I really?”Quite often we are dissatisfied with the life we live.  We foolishly blame God for our problems or prey for the solution to be created on our behalf.  But dissatisfaction with the world is really a sort of inner need unfulfilled. Fortunately, there is another kind of path, but not generally encouraged, and is sort of discovered.  This is the inner journey.  Throughout civilizations there have been individuals that stood out as mystics, saints,  sages and Avatar.Highest of the pursuits in life is Self discovery.  When we become stuck in patterns of comfort, we tend to take for granted how rich our inner life actually is.  To go about our days as if we are counting the seconds until quitting time is commonplace.  Most people do not understand it is our inner satisfaction that we bring to our lives that matters; it is our attitude and our approach.

We are generally taught to follow a material path to fulfillment.  The majority of us don’t know any better.  Survival is good and risk is uncomfortable or even wrong.  However, the path of Self discover demands we do things a different way.  This can be as simple as changing a belief.  If what we believe is that life is meaningless, you got it!  What we experience is coloured by our perception and expectations.  The miracle is happening behind the veil of our perception which is limited in its field of possibilities.

The world of form, called “maya”, is illusion.  This is similar to the concept of the Matrix, as in the program we are living does not represent our true state of being.  Contrary to the movie, when we wake up from our slumber, the reality we wake up to is based on miracle, love, compassion, forgiveness, surrender, hope, and absolute gratification.  The only prison is in the mind.

It is almost expected and assumed that we identify with a material reality primarily.  Like Caroline Myce says, we have to open ourselves up to the world behind our eyes.  To follow the traditional path of the mystic is perhaps not practical with today’s standards of living.  We are all mystics, embodying life for the sake of learning.  What we learn is Self development and the lessons around being a better human.  As important as survival is to life, in the grand scheme of things, it is only the maya, or illusion we are meant to grow beyond.

Perhaps the underlying illusion, that we are our physical bodies, limits us to believe we are only here a short while.  True reality is limitless and true self is infinite.  When we identify with the physical body as “me”, we limit ourselves to the material reality.  The world of form then has power over us.

To challenge beliefs is part of being human.  It is like graduating from high school and going onto post secondary studies.  The professors do not want a cookie cutter answer, they want critical thinking and outside the box investigating.  Our society does not need everyone doing the same thing as one another; it needs individuals who are willing to challenge themselves for how things have always been and to realize the potential inherent in being alive.

Recognize how the “norm”, the familiar, the comfortable and the standard are concepts that are based on luxury when much of the world struggles even to survive.  If it is possible we are taking for granted the plentitude of North America, could it be possible we are taking more for granted as well?

If only we had a glimpse of what lay behind the veil of our illusions.  Just a peek, a glimmer, or a ray of light peering through is all we would need to realize that God is behind the curtain.