How Do We Discipline?

I find myself revisiting the dilemma of discipline once again after a presentation offered this August at the Nelson Waldorf School. Visiting presenter Kim Payne offered his well developed, researched and hysterically funny ideas on the evolution of discipline in our western culture. The audience had the painful delight of listening to their very own […]

Simplifying the Holidays

Last year a group of parents met to discuss Simplicity Parenting and the holiday season. Parents shared experiences and practices for navigating this season with our values and sanity intact!  Two main themes emerged:  dealing with the larger culture (including extended family) to stem the flow of ‘stuff’ and keep a consumer mentality at bay, […]

Parenting from Your Heart

Parenting from Your Heart
I recently revisited a favorite book of mine “Parenting from the Heart” by Inbal Kashtan and reflected on this compassionate technique for connecting with our children. Inbal offers her interpretation of Marshal Rosenberg’s work in Non Violent Communication and how we can apply it in daily life with our families. Connecting compassionately […]

Doing Our Own Work

I recently re-read the following poem by Kahil Gibran in which he speaks clearly of our work as parents to be the strong foundation from which our children go forth to build their own lives.
And a woman who held a babe against her bosom said, “Speak to us of Children.”
And he said:
Your children are not […]

Physical Contact

As our children are born they leave a world in which they have been completely embraced by our physicality, where they are ‘held’ 24 hours a day for many months. That all encompassing touch is vital to the wellbeing of the child long after they are born contributing to their emotional, physical, psychological and social […]


Discipline is a word that conveys a strong image in the mind of all who hear it; for me there is even a bodily reaction to the word discipline. I begin to tighten, my defenses go up and I prepare to protect my autonomy from outside invaders. At the same time as a parent and […]

Social Inclusion

Social Inclusion is a constantly evolving concept that has been expanded and explored over time as we come to accept, embrace and acknowledge the multiple ways humans express themselves. I have noticed a developing awareness within the schools in my community around the social environment and how we as adults can best support children in […]

Enjoying the Ride

Chaos, a word with immense transformational power, a word that when given life can create fear and a word I do not like to associate with my home. Yet here it is, I am standing in it; it is knee-deep, contains the remains of a joy filled weekend, and it is mine to create order […]

The Value of Praise Revisited

As parents we often wish to support our children to achieve their maximum potential and one of the ways in which we do this is through the use of praise. When we see our children successfully complete a task there is often a feeling of joy and celebration at their mastering a new skill. In […]

Heeding the Call

Our children begin communicating with us long before they are using understandable words in our mother tongue. From conception forward they have entered a lifelong conversation with us in which they are continuously seeking feedback while providing us with valuable information about their wellbeing. This communication is highly developed and only in its most obvious […]