Stranger Connection

As I wrote several posts ago, I often get very inspired when trail running or hiking.  Ideas come to me that I get excited about, but the excitement doesn’t often carry into my day-to-day life.  About a month ago I decided to see if I could change that.  I wanted to see if I could […]

Freedom Training

I’m walking through downtown Vancouver-Robson St, Burrard St, Granville St-streams of traffic and crowds of unfamiliar faces.  It’s eight o’clock on a Friday night and the last of the daylight is filtering through clouds and polishing skyscraper glass.  My guitar is slung over my shoulder, a fold-up stool in my hand.  I’ve decided to do […]

Liminal and Leaving

“The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to
your adventure.”
~ Joseph Campbell
Nelson is a difficult town for me to leave behind.  In so many ways Nelson embodies creativity, community, communion, and so much else of what I love.  Last week I peeled myself away from her embrace, […]

A Lesson In Pain

“When we allow ourselves to compassionately be with the fullness of our pain, connected to the beauty of life in the pain, we become vehicles for spirit and not obstructions to it.” 
-Robert Gonzales
A Lesson In Pain
[From my following description the training with Albert at the Original Yin Qi Gong Gym in Vancouver may seem […]

Busy Being Born

Bob Dylan once wrote in a song, “That he not busy being born is busy dying.”   After considering that line for some time, I decided to get clear for myself what it means to me to be busy being born.
Imagine contemplating leaving the comfort, safety, and warmth of the womb – pushing through a passageway […]

The Fear of Love

There isn’t anything in this world but mad love. Not in this world. No tame love, calm love, mild love, no so-so love. And, of course, no reasonable love. Also, there are a hundred paths through this world that are easier than loving. But who wants easier?
 Mary Oliver
Another inspiring person I met last year […]

Free Range Chicken Torture Chamber

“Big chest. Big chest. Big che-est!”
I’m lying supine on a modified gym machine, arms splayed out to either side, legs held in a bent position by a sling and pillows.  No, I’m not involved in some kinky, sexual adventure.  Nor am I trying to simulate the experience of giving birth.  I’m trying to relax my […]

It Takes A Community

It Takes a Community to Raise a Relationship
 ”For thousands of years we have gathered in circle – around fires, around bodies, around altars – because we can’t do this alone.”  – Wayne Muller

Thirty-four of us are packed into infinite darkness and penetrating heat. Water is generously poured over red-hot rocks and […]

Separating In Connection

The following is a transcription of a dialogue between Shayla Wright, Eric Bowers, and Melody Greger.  It has been edited for easier reading.
Shayla: My name is Shayla Wright.  I’m a teacher and a coach, and I’ve worked with a lot with couples in the last ten years.  I’m here today with Eric Bowers […]

Presence For The Past

“Given sincerity, there will be enlightenment.” –The Doctrine Of The Mean.
I began my day like many others: sitting in silence, a little exercise, some writing, and tracking of the endless vertical trail of emails.  While I was on the computer, Melody came down and began her day, picking up the silence where I […]