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The Miracle Of Communication

The Miracle Of Communication

In this experiential 4 class series we explore Marshal Rosenbergs Non-Violent Communication. We learn to use objective, language, become more attuned to sharing feelings, needs and requests and understand how to communicate with compassion for self and other.

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Chronic Fatigue & Energy Workshop

Chronic Fatigue & Energy Workshop

Ives Natural Health presents

Chronic Fatigue & Energy Workshop

What the seen and unseen causes of chronic fatigue are, how they impact our bodies, and how you can rebuild your innate energy now

A FREE introductory workshop including

-what the key factors are that contribute to chronic fatigue

-how to uncover hidden causes of chronic fatigue

-how to start rebuilding your energy now

Please register in advance by emailing to save your spot!

Sunday October 27 1:30 – 2:30 PM Sante Holistic Health Center 350 Baker Street

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Healing and Creating from the Heart Awareness groups

With over 20 years working with the divine intelligence I was inspired to create awareness group combining science and my work with the divine intelligence. In these awareness groups I will share with you the science of mediation and how your thoughts and feelings are directly responsible for your life as you experience it. Your thoughts and feelings create the program of you which is created in your subconscious mind. My work is designed to create with you the necessary tools. To allow you work with the divine intelligence in a way that is right for you. To create the program of you that will allow you to heal and create the life you want.

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Resolution Place – Susan Kurtz – Lawyer, Mediator, Notary

Resolution Place
Phone: (250) 354-1881
1 866 926 1881-toll free
407 Nelson Ave, Nelson BC V1L 2N1

Resolution Place – Family Law Solutions – Lawyers and Mediator


407 Nelson Avenue

Nelson BC V1L 2N1

(250) 354-1881


Specializing in Family Law for more than 25 years, including:

 Separation Agreements

 Family Property Division

 No Court Divorce

 Wills and Estates

 Mediation

 Collaborative Law

 Family Law Arbitration


Providing a fair, less expensive, out of court and quicker solution to legal disputes is what Resolution Place is all about. The terms of the agreement reached by the parties through negotiation, mediation, collaborative law or arbitration are formalized in writing, and the Written Agreement is often filed at a court registry, so that the Written Agreement can take on the force and effect as if a court had ordered the terms.

At Resolution Place, you can learn how these ways of resolving disputes might best apply to your situation. Resolution Place offers an initial consultation for $300 (including tax) where you can meet with a lawyer to explore your options and look at the costs and time associated with each option.

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