Drum Circle

Next Drumming From The Heart Kootenay Community Drum Circle:

Tuesday Evening October 20th 2009:
@ Nelson North Shore Hall
@ 7:15pm/8:45pm, $7.00/$5.00
@ 675 Whitmore Road
@ Nelson BC Canada.

Greetings Lovers of Drums,

Wow! Fall is here like right now – no fooling around eh?! Just two weeks ago I was sun tanning on the beautiful white sands of Six Mile beach and now I’m wearing wool coats and gloves! Hey we can’t complain that was a great long summer wasn’t it?!

Some news to keep you in the loop about what I’m up to – on Wednesday October 7, 2009 I am off to Merrit to begin my 10 day silent meditation retreat at the Dhamma Surabhi Vipassana Meditation Centre of B.C.( http://www.surabhi.dhamma.org). I have always been curious about this particular meditation retreat and since I have talked to a few people who have attended the courses there I began to have a strong desire to attend myself. I think the depth of mind silence that you can attain meditating and not talking for ten days will be substantial. I will be able to look deep into the unknown dark corners of my psyche so to speak and that is something that I most welcome at this time. I will be back on the evening of October 18th.

The first post summer Drumming From The Heart drum circle will be on Tuesday evening October 20th as stated above. I would like to create a special celebration for this particular drum circle and make it a finger food potluck as well. So please bring a “healthy” finger food snack for the potluck celebration which will take place mainly during our mid circle break. This will give us all a chance to chat and catch up with each other in our big Drum Family.