‘Hester and Other Damaged Kids’ exhibition opening

Through vivid colours and a strange sadness, the odyssey is told of a small doll lost in the real world. This is the subject of ‘There Once was a Girl Named Hester and Other Damaged Kids’, a collection of paintings by Nelson-based Dutch/Israeli artist Amitai Ben David, which opens at the Nelson Museum on Friday, August 19.

The images in ‘Hester’ were inspired by Ziva the Doll, a black and white Israeli children’s book from the 1960s. Through ‘Hester’, Ben David explores the upbringing of his Jewish Dutch mother, Hester Trompetter, who, as a young girl was orphaned, and lived through the traumatic experiences of war – experiences that are both unique to his family history but universal in regards to impact and inheritance.


Aug 19 2022


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Touchstones Nelson Museum
504 Vernon Street.
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