Galena Trail

Trail name: Galena Trail
Location: Galena trail  runs from The Galena Trail runs from Rosebery to Three Forks can be accessed from three locations:
  • In Rosebery at the lake at the lake
  • From the top of the Sandon turnoff
  • Above New Denver at Denver Siding Road

Driving directions: Drive West from Nelson, towards Crescent Valley/Castlegar on Hwy 3A. At Crescent Valley turn right onto Highway 6 and drive North for approx. one hour to New Denver. From New Denver drive Northeast on Highway 31A for 8.2 KM and take a right at the turnoff for Sandon. Here you will find a parking area at the side of the road as well as the trail entrance.
Trail distance: The trail is 13 KM from end to end. Distance you travel depends upon where you start and end.
Time to traverse: On foot this trail can be a two to four hour hike. On your bike going downhill it is an exhilarating 1/2 – 3/4 hour ride.
Degree of difficulty: The Galena Trail can be a gentle walk downhill through heavily forested areas with a clear and smooth trail. Up hill the hike is more challenging. Crossing the creek requires use of the hand operated cable car, which is heavy and does require some muscle work.
On line resources: Slocan Lakes
Special Notes:

This trail is a particular favourite with its varied views, historical significance and excellent upkeep. Galena trail passes through mining areas of the past with the skeletal remains of old railroad sidings, miners residents and mining operations. The trail has been constructed as a non moterized trail allowing hikers and bikers to enjoy the peaceful quiet of the area. As you traverse you come across open vistas of the valley bottom far below contrasted with the closed in areas of lush forest.

Take a lunch and take the kids for a really fun day of hiking or biking adventure.