The Great Treasure

Many call a life which is spiritually focused as “being on the path”.  What we arrive at by following spiritual practices is enlightenment, peace and liberation.

However, on the road to spiritual mastery, these practices are a means to an end.  The irony comes with the realization that there is nowhere to “be” and no place to “go”.

How can we live for tomorrow while the spirit burns eternally?  When we arrive at the destination, do we not look again to the future?  It is an endless barrage of desires that dictates our perpetual reaching for seeming improvements on our lives.  Our task is only to find what has ALWAYS been.

Although our teachers tell us to meditate, study, and devote ourselves to our spiritual growth and mastery, it is not the activity which brings us there.  We may “feel more spiritual” when we are on the yoga mat…it is important to notice that spirituality is formless.

One simple truth that can have profound significance is found in understanding how everything happens for a reason.  There are no mistakes in the universe as life unfolds as a consequence of spiritual events.  The destination is our destiny.

Beyond the literal choosing of a career, family life, location etc., we have free will to choose our attitudes in life.  What we have in our lives has been ordained by the highest commandments of the creator. It is the veil of perception that prevents us from seeing this remarkable gift.  Traditional practices of meditation center on breaking down the illusions.  Therefore, the path leads more to a thought than a place.

Actually, it is a thought housed in the temple of consciousness.  The un-manifest becomes the manifest through our being.  Our lives are the consequences of solidifications of thoughts that lead to manifestations.  The manifest world, our lives, can be attributed to information held in consciousness.
Our true nature exists prior to consciousness.  It is important to note that consciousness originates from an un-manifest potential.  This is the essence of the gift.  We may make up our consciousness via the universal Divine mind of Oneness.

The path we take is the internal road to Self realization.  It is never the world that needs to shift; it is always our selves.  This takes the form of attitudes, beliefs held in consciousness, the cultivation of love and devotion, harmony, compassion, and forgiveness.

Many are hung up on the practices themselves, thinking that by “being spiritual” we are better off.  We attend lectures and workshops in an attempt to grow spiritually.  We buy books, DVD’s, Zen sand boxes, and sacred objects.  There are special diets and supplements for self purification.  Though these things have their value, we need only the space in which to realize truth.

What is your sacred ceremony?  Can you be without it?  The tradesman is equally honoured by spirit as the clergy.  See how all actions have the potential for being devotional practices; the ceremony of driving to work is the same as the ceremony of lighting a candle.

In order to arrive at this sacred destination, it requires the willingness to be without the attachment to a particular material reality, for the Ultimate Reality exists in the infinite formless space.