Wounds Heal, So Can You!

With countless people attending appointments for complimentary health services it is obvious many people believe in the effects.  We trust in the practitioner that our healing is progressing or judge that to be the case when our symptoms go away.  How can we truly understand if our body is healing and tell if our treatment […]

Compassionate Honesty?

When someone says, “Be honest with me,” what happens to you? Do you tighten in your gut?  Do you hold your breath?  Are you at once nervous about the impact of your honesty and tempted to let free a host of judgements, criticisms and opinions that you have been keeping to yourself?  “Here is my […]

New Column

Choosing Health is a new column for ilovenelson.com. We have created this biweekly column for local health practitioners to contribute to enabling them to share their work with the community and provide local residents with an online resource for health information.
If you want to feature your services in this column contact ilovenelson.com and send us […]

Doing Our Own Work

I recently re-read the following poem by Kahil Gibran in which he speaks clearly of our work as parents to be the strong foundation from which our children go forth to build their own lives.
And a woman who held a babe against her bosom said, “Speak to us of Children.”
And he said:
Your children are not […]

Tax Tips

In the case of a marriage separation, you do not have to live in separate accommodations in order to apply for the GST credit. You just need to not be living as a couple. And you do need a written separation agreement.
You cannot claim for the equivalent to spouse credit […]

The ITA Income Tax Act

Frequently we are asked about what happens to tax owed when someone goes bankrupt. The following is copied in its entirety from the income tax act.
Dan White
Where individual bankrupt
(2) Where an individual has become a bankrupt, the following rules are applicable:
(a) the trustee in bankruptcy shall be deemed to be the agent of the bankrupt […]

Exciting New Column

ilovenelson.com is introducing an exciting new bi-weekly column featuring local hiking, biking, skiing and horseback riding trails. It is our intention to create a comprehensive resource base of local trails that will be archived on the site for everyone to use. Join ilovenelson in creating this archive by sending us your detailed description of your […]

CRA Chases Offshore Wealth

CRA’s focus on international taxation issues

The following article from KPMG, outlining how CRA is targeting international business. For those of you who believe you will pay fewer taxes here in Canada by structuring offshore, those days are over.
There are lots of reasons to be offshore. Saving taxes is not one of them. And […]