Rough Seas – Calm Waters

Welcome to I Love Nelson’s new feature “Rough Seas and Calm Waters”. This is your place to anonymously give someone a pat on the back or get a little something off your chest. DO NOT use peoples names or name places/businesses in Rough Waters posts. ALL posts will be reviewed by our moderator before being posted.

A big Thank you to all those who fought, lived and died for our freedom.
Why did Save On Foods change the bulk section? Not as good as it was.

To the selfish non wearing mask human, Who proudly displayed her anti vaxxed button. In Save on Foods on Wednesday 06 October. Your a selfish person. Why do you think your life is more important then mine. 

Thank you to all the people who are working hard. In easy and difficult jobs. Some of your days must be made hard by others. But Thank you!
Where has Common courtesy gone? -When someone holds a door for you what should you say —- Thank you! -When a driver pulls over for you to get by on one of Nelson’s many narrow streets. What would be kind to do? How about a thank you wave! There was once something called human kindness, where is it?
Thank you for being yourselves and reminding me how to be myself. It’s been a long journey and I feel it will never end. I’m grateful to those who were kind to me from the start and not judging me on my past. Real friends are hard to come by and I feel Nelson has shown me more than just kindness – it’s shown me love, patience, body awareness and that I’m safe here. I do pray that we can work together in harmony for the betterment of humankind. Thank you mountains for calling me.
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