Rough Seas ~ Calm Waters

Here is a tip, if someone holds a door for you. Or moves out of the way as your coming in a door. Use the not so common phrase ” THANK YOU”
It would be really awesome if the some of the major building stores, would put prices of their products on their websites.
Have been in the same building store twice this past week. Twice no customer service in the area I was in. Two empty offices, so there is a space for someone to work in. If you do not have anyone I need a job!
Thank you for the great service at the local Building store yesterday.
Completely disgusted with the service given to me and my friends from a resturant/bar on the last payday, We were told to leave and they would not serve us and leave, knowing we were being illegally discriminated against for being judged and labelled homeless. (I asked my lunch mates if any had ever offeneded or […]
Thank you to who is keeping the Rose garden at Lake side park so beautiful.

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