Rough Seas – Calm Waters

Welcome to I Love Nelson’s new feature “Rough Seas and Calm Waters”. This is your place to anonymously give someone a pat on the back or get a little something off your chest. DO NOT use peoples names or name places/businesses in Rough Waters posts. ALL posts will be reviewed by our moderator before being posted.

Yesterday in my favorite cafe. I was second in line. Then a younger guy came in. The second server passed by me and talked and chatted in french and took his order. While the first server made my tea and first person’s order. An order of manners is needed for the second server. The first server your good at your job.
Thank you to the mature gentleman cashier at Save on. Not only did he bag my groceries, he loaded the bags into the cart. Thank you for excellent customer service.
At our big store in the mall,  one week ago. I bought 3 items, my own bag. The cashier made no attempt to bag my items. He likes his paycheck. Whatever happened to customer service.
Nelson gas prices are messed up, 174 in Castlegar, 179 Kaslo, are the gas retailers here enjoy screwing us.
When did vintage become the new word for mostly garbage?
This has been the best fall, thank you mother nature. Keep it coming till spring.
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