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Thought for Today

Thought for Today!
24 September 2023
“You don’t get to choose how you’re going to die, or when. You can only decide how you’re going to live, Now! Joan Baez

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In Memory of RCMP officer Rick O’Brien

In Memory of RCMP officer Rick O’Brien

23 September 2023

An RCMP officer is dead and two other Mounties are seriously injured after a confrontation in Coquitlam. Deputy Commissioner Dwayne…

Grade 6 students of Trafalgar Middle School

Grade 6 students of Trafalgar Middle School

22 September 2023

Grade 6 students of Trafalgar Middle School are selling produce bundles (carrots, apples, beets, potatoes…) as a fundraiser for the…

Shambhala Music Featival

Shambhala Music Featival

21 September 2023

The 25th Annual Shambhala Music Festival Sells Out in a record-breaking 3 hours Celebrating 25 YearsShambhala Music Festival, Canada’s longest-running dance…

ILN Weekly Horoscope

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Horoscope for the Week: September 22, 2023

22 September 2023

Tip of the Week: Happy Autumn Equinox! This officially marks the last quarter of the year. Symbolically, the annual event aligns with 6 p.m. and the waning half or Last Quarter Moon. Interestingly, the Moon at the time of the equinox will literally be a half or what is technically regarded as a First Quarter Moon. As mentioned last week, the Moon in this phase tends to manifest as edgy and moody, yet also as assertive and reactive. So, get…

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Rough Seas ~ Calm Waters

Here is a tip, if someone holds a door for you. Or moves out of the way as your coming in a door. Use the not so common phrase ” THANK YOU”
It would be really awesome if the some of the major building stores, would put prices of their products on their websites.