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Thought for Today

Thought for Today!
9 December 2023
People who know their value, do not compare themselves with others. Photo Tanzania

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Nelson & District Hospice Society

Nelson & District Hospice Society

5 December 2023

Every year, we create a safe space for people who have lost loved ones to share their memories and sadness,…



4 December 2023

Monday, Dec. 4 – Partner Dancing in Nelson – for fun ! One…  two three,   One…  two three,   One… two three Slow Waltz Lesson for…



4 December 2023

Let’s Dance and Celebrate: International Tango Day Calling all Tango Lovers- Newbies and Seasoned Dancers! Put on your dancing shoes…

ILN Weekly Horoscope

michael Oc

Horoscope for the Week: December 8, 2023

8 December 2023

M Tip of the Week: The yearly natural cycle is rapidly drawing to a close. Yet, it will do so under the creative and exuberant light of the waxing New Moon. Due to a strong contribution from Leo, this lunation cycle will prove playful, fun, and passionate, if also dramatic at times. Mercury in Capricorn, even if retrograde, also as of December 12 starting just hours after the Sun/Moon conjunction, will bring mixed results. On the high side, it will contribute…

This Week @ Nelson Civic Theatre

Rough Seas ~ Calm Waters

What a great job the city workers do cleaning the leafs, and gardens. Thank you for keeping Nelson the Queen City of the Kootenays beautiful.
That big store in the mall, get your stuff together. Open up all your cashiers. Tis the season.