Variety: The Spice of Life

By now we are all aware of how locally grown foods are better for the environment, how they use less fuel in transportation and have less packaging, how they spur the local economy, support small scale farmers and their families and how it keeps our dollars in our community. These reasons alone are enough to […]

Kokanne Creek Waterfalls

Trail name: Kokanee Creek Waterfall Trail
Location: Kokanee Creek Park
Driving directions: Head east from Nelson, driving over BOB (big orange bridge) on Hwy 3A for 19 Km. This is a lovely slow and curvy road and the drive will take about 20 minutes. You will see ample signage for Kokanee Creek Park. Take a right off […]

Legal Help Not Expensive?

You never know when you’ll need a lawyer for tax issues or otherwise.  But getting access to the right lawyer and for the right price is a common problem we all face.   Long gone are the days when we should rely on our parents’ real estate lawyer to fight the CRA.  We need […]

No Bailout for Carmakers

To bailout or not to bailout? It shouldn’t even be a question.
Canada’s federal government is considering financial aid to the country’s auto sector. Centered mainly in Ontario, the industry is linked to one in six jobs in the province and generates $28 billion of annual economic activity.
But continuing to prop up a commercial enterprise dedicated […]

New Online TCM Courses

Nelson, BC, November 20th 2008
The Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences, a leader in Chinese Medicine education in North America is pleased to announce the launch of on-line courses.
“We have been steadily working towards our goal of opening up traditional Chinese medicine to a broader group of people – the launch of this online course is […]

An Increased CRA Tax Attack

There are 2,400 tax auditors in the GTA. The tax collectors want your money.  So be prepared the tax man commeth and the tax man taketh… unless you are tax audit proof.
What that means as a small business is; if you do not want a CRA Audit to upset your life, cause you stress and […]

Wounds Heal, So Can You!

With countless people attending appointments for complimentary health services it is obvious many people believe in the effects.  We trust in the practitioner that our healing is progressing or judge that to be the case when our symptoms go away.  How can we truly understand if our body is healing and tell if our treatment […]

Compassionate Honesty?

When someone says, “Be honest with me,” what happens to you? Do you tighten in your gut?  Do you hold your breath?  Are you at once nervous about the impact of your honesty and tempted to let free a host of judgements, criticisms and opinions that you have been keeping to yourself?  “Here is my […]