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Contact: Anita Werner, Program Coordinator, Nelson Police Department Restorative Justice

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Nelson Police Department Restorative Justice Is Now Recruiting Volunteer Restorative Justice Facilitators


Nelson Police Department Restorative Justice (NPDRJ) is a community-based program that facilitates dialogue in the aftermath of crime and other harmful behaviour, to empower participants to share their experiences and to collaboratively explore ways to repair the harm.

Restorative Justice is a non-adversarial, non-retributive approach to justice that considers the harm done to people and relationships by crime and conflict. Where the Criminal Justice system promotes “win-lose” outcomes with charges, pleas and court, the Restorative Justice model promotes “win-win” outcomes.

We are currently recruiting dedicated volunteers for the position of Restorative Justice Facilitator.

The NPDRJ program was launched in April of 2014. Presently we have 18 trained volunteers representing a diverse cross-section of the community.  Facilitators manage a wide variety of files and receive ongoing training to develop the skills required to take on complex cases and emotionally challenging situations.

NPDRJ facilitators work to design a restorative response that meets the needs of all participants, both victims and offenders.  The process strengthens mutual understanding to build consensus for a meaningful, reasonable, and fair resolution.

An initial 50 hours of training will take place during October and November, 2018. Additional training will be offered throughout the volunteer’s position with NPDRJ. Chosen applicants will be required to consent to a Vulnerable Persons/ Police Criminal Record Check.

Deadline for applications is September 25, 2018.

View the application on our website:  and go to the Restorative Justice tab, or pick up application forms at Nelson Police Department, 606 Stanley Street, Nelson, BC.

For more information on Restorative Justice, our program, or for clarification about the application process, please call 250 505-5654 or email