Help – F&Q

What Do the icons mean?

[genericon icon=edit] – edit your classified ad.
[genericon icon=trash] –  expire your classified ad to post again (images are deleted).
[genericon icon=trash] – delete this classified ad it will NOT be posted again (on the my account page, images are deleted).
[genericon icon=flag] – flag/report this classified ad as SPAM/SCAM.
[genericon icon=hide] – mark this classified ad as READ and hides it from your view.
[genericon icon=mail] – reply to the person who posted this classified as.

How do I advertise my business?

Click here for advertising details. or Contact us for more information.

Help I can’t login and I am so frustrated!

Lost password link. You will be sent a link to create a new password via email. You have to click the link and then you can set a new password. The email is sent right away if you do not see it check your spam or junk email folder.
Note: You can also use your email address in the username field when logging in (if you forgot your username).

If you have just registered/joined with the site. You MUST click the link in the email sent to you (this is to verify your email address) and activate the account. Until then the account is pending you must activate it with the link in the email.

If you just are not getting the emails contact us and I can help. Please include your username and included helpful information for me to understand the problem you are having. Also be polite I understand you are frustrated.

How do I edit my event?

Events are not editable at this time. I hope I can add this in the future but have no ETA on this happening. Feel free to send me the edits to your event posting. Please include the event title and information that needs updating. I will fix them as fast as I can. Contact us here to send in your edits.

Why has my account been blocked?

Accounts are blocked for posting inappropriate content to the classifieds or in some cases for business marketing overuse in the classified ads or events areas of the site.

What is inappropriate??

  • posting spam or scam ads
  • anything sexual in content or nature
  • no drugs no guns or grow op equipment
  • business marketing overuse (one business advertising ad posting per 3 weeks without prior approval)