Heeding the Call

Our children begin communicating with us long before they are using understandable words in our mother tongue. From conception forward they have entered a lifelong conversation with us in which they are continuously seeking feedback while providing us with valuable information about their wellbeing. This communication is highly developed and only in its most obvious […]

Turning it All Off for Awhile

Last weekend I had the absolute joy and pleasure of spending 48 hours immersed in spontaneous, creative play with my eight year old. We canceled all social engagements, turned off the phone and all other electronics, then decided any chores that “needed” to get done could wait.
Instead, with a bucket of chocolate soy ice cream […]


February 8, 2010 – Two of the most talented photographers in Nelson, BC, have combined forces and are celebrating the grand opening of their new studio on Friday, February 12 beginning at 6:00 p.m.
Heather Goldsworthy of Imageobscura and Melissa Welsh of Melissa Welsh Photography and Wonow Media Ltd, are inviting everyone to […]

Drumming from the Heart May 25

Next Drumming From The Heart Kootenay Community Drum Circle:
Tuesday Evening May 25th 2010
@ Nelson North Shore Hall
@ 7:15pm/8:45pm, $7.00/$5.00
@ 675 Whitmore Road
@ Nelson BC Canada.
Hail Drummers,
I want to remind everyone that there are exactly 6 Tuesday drum circle sessions left before we break for summer. The last drum circle will be on June 29th where we will […]

A Bright Green City

Transition – a change, shift or turn. Innovation – a creation, design or invention.
These two words will define the future of our cities.
Our hometowns exist for the health, safety and enjoyment of the people who live there. They are centres of economic vitality, places where the action is, cornerstones of learning, citadels of culture, and […]