100% Deductible Business Expenses?

What business expenses can be 100% deductible?
Good question.
One that your email box would not be large enough to list or our memories large enough to contain all the items.
The answer is much simpler than the question.
All expenses that are incurred 100% legitimately for business purposes are 100% deductible. You just need the right “Business Statement:” […]

More on the Smith Manoeuvre

by: Bob Aaron in the Toronto Star
The pitch sounds very seductive. “Go ahead. Make your mortgage tax deductible. Yes. It can be done. Yes it’s legal.”
The pitch is used to promote an investment technique called the Smith Manoeuvre.
According to Smith Manoeuvre Financial Corporation (www.smfc.com), “the Smith Manoeuvre is a financial strategy that simultaneously converts […]

Managing your Tax Deductions

When investing in real estate, be sure to look at the tax implications of every penny you spend.
If you need to reduce your income tax payable, consider taking depreciation on Real Estate Properties. Depreciation is optional and can be accumulated, but can not be used to create a loss. You need to have a business […]

Tax Deductions in Real Estate

To be taxed now or to be taxed later. That is the question. Is it nobler in the mind to take your Real Estate Expense deductions now or to take them later?
When it comes to deducting real estate expenses, there is a lot of confusion in the minds of many. In reality it is all […]

An inside job

The more I study and practice Compassionate Communication, the more I come to see that the key to this practice is the work we do in ourselves. I hear people express their frustration when they are not able to get someone to behave the way they want them to, and I hear others pronounce […]

Are we contributing to life?

Compassionate Communication is a powerful tool for bringing about understanding, connection, and peace when there is conflict, when others have done things that don’t meet our needs, or when we have done things that don’t meet the needs of others. But what about when we are helping each other meet needs? How can […]

Dynamic Governance

It is true that each of us can make a difference in changing our world, and I believe there is more potential to create change when working together as teams, groups, organizations and communities, fuelled by each other’s creativity, inspired by each other’s passion. However, in working together, there is also greater potential for power […]

Heeding the Call

Our children begin communicating with us long before they are using understandable words in our mother tongue. From conception forward they have entered a lifelong conversation with us in which they are continuously seeking feedback while providing us with valuable information about their wellbeing. This communication is highly developed and only in its most obvious […]