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Astrology Update – Feeling the Changes

Astrology Update – Feeling the Changes

Did you notice; can you feel it?

The Sun entered Sagittarius, yesterday. 

Scorpio time has now ended. It was a particularly heavy cycle this year due in part, to Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, as well. This influence has the effect of pushing people inward to deeper introspection, which at worst could have felt depressing.

The echo of the 30-day Sun in Scorpio cycle (a.k.a. Scorpio time) can be still felt today (Saturday) with the heavy aspect of the Moon square Pluto for most of the day.

Fortunately, Mercury  turned Direct again as well on November 20.

On Sunday, November 24, Venus and Jupiter, the astrological Princess and Prince will be conjunct sharing time together at 28 Sagittarius 04 which is pretty much exactly conjunct the Galactic Center, from our perspective here on Earth.

Although this conjunction occurs every 15 months or so, their combined alignment with the Galactic Center is much rarer indeed, at least only every twelve years and even then not necessarily depending on the respective positions of these two planetary bright lights, stars in their own right.

The Galactic Center holds a special status and is highly regarded among many astrologers as a very powerful spiritual point in any person’s chart. Yet when planets are present it is especially active, like a temple hosting people focused on reverence and ceremony. It could prove to be quite romantic for some people, as well. Combining the spiritual overtone with the romantic could make for a very lovely Sunday…

However you are aligned and inclined to embrace this rare event, Sunday is the day to do so. Yet, its influence is already active now and will get stronger all day Saturday too. So, make an effort to tune-in on Sunday especially and enjoy the uplifting and often euphoric Sagittarius energy which will see us through to Winter Solstice on December 21st.

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