Horoscope for the Week: Jan 09, 2015

 Horoscope for the Week: January 9, 2015 Tip of the Week: The human condition is in a critical state. Even amidst various victories, much of the old ‘business as usual’ attitudes and actions prevail. Worse yet, the rise of multi-nationalism over the past few centuries has produced a situation in which all nations or most […]

Horoscope for the Week: Dec 12, 2014

Tip of the Week: December 12, 2014 or 12-12-2014, may not have quite the same impact as 12-12-2012 had, but it does present its own opportunity to speak of some of the virtues of the number 12. There is much more to it that may at first be apparent and the list of correspondences are […]

Horoscope for the Week: Dec 5, 2014

Tip of the Week: From the perspective of Astrology, the interactions of the far planets which produce rather long segments of time (500 years for Neptune/Pluto cycles), can measure and identify evolutionary themes and then observe their synchronistic expressions at key intervals. For example, an important cycle involving Uranus and Pluto, which are currently forming […]

Films at the Nelson Civic Theatre Dec 5- Dec 17 – 2014

The Civic welcomes the Penguins of Madagascar into the deep freeze of Nelson. Let’s face it, who was really in charge of the rag tag team of animals in the Madagascar films?  The King of the jungle? Heck no! it was the Penguins who got things done, and this time, they’re getting it done as […]

Films at the Nelson Civic Theatre Nov 28- Dec 4 – 2014

The monoculture of Panem is almost at an end and the diversity of a typical week at The Civic is about to begin. …but, not all of it is cultured. 20 years ago, the screen was graced by the sophisticated comedic stylings of Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels in their seminal work, Dumb and Dumber.  And like an extremely […]

NelsonSPCA – Oscar – Nov 19 2014

Hello, my name is Oscar. I’m a long term resident of the Nelson branch, since September 2013 I’ve been patiently waiting for my forever home. It has not been an easy year from me, 2013 was kind of rough. First I found myself here at the shelter, them sick with a food allergy and having […]

Oxygen Art Centre fundraiser Cabaret is back!

ALL OR NOTHING is the next installment in a long and infamous line up of Oxygen Art Centre FUNdraiser Cabarets. On November 21st and 22nd at 8pm, Stephen the Art Star (aka Lucas Myers,) will host a variety show with a plethora of acts by local artists, in support of Oxygen Art Centre. Get your […]

NelsonSPCA – Toby – Nov 12 2014

My name is Toby, I’m a 5 years old boy who came to the Nelson SPCA a little while ago and still looking for my forever home. I get along well with other cats and do quite well with dogs also. OK I may be quite a big boy, but who does not loves to […]

Films at the Nelson Civic Theatre Nov 7- Nov 13 – 2014

The odds are definitely forever in the Civic’s favour for having something just right for you this November. The Civic Theatre has confirmed the whole month, the guess work is gone and the product is golden. We start the Nov. 7th week off with the much buzzed about Fury (14A).  The Allies make their final push in the European […]

NelsonSPCA – Ty – Nov 2 2014

My name is Typhoon, but you can call me Ty. I came to the Nelson SPCA after being found abandoned on the side of the highway. I love to go for runs, but still getting used to walking on a leash. I would be better suited with an active and confident guardian, I need some […]