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Canadians are asking for more breast cancer data.Will you help us this October?
Greetings! October is fast approaching. As we look ahead to breast cancer awareness month. Have you started to think about how you can support the progress being made?
Breast Cancer Canada researchers are working to advance our understanding of breast cancer. How to prevent it. Detect it. Treat it. With your support, more research will deliver results. Real, measurable, Canada-wide results for breast cancer patients.
Today, Breast Cancer Canada released new data that highlights Canadian perspectives on breast cancer screening and the need for diverse, lived experiences in research. 
The survey, conducted among members of the Angus Reid Forum, found that there is a significant national demand for earlier routine breast cancer screening. Also identified is a need for more race-based data and a willingness among Canadians to share their experiences to improve patient outcomes. 
Lowering the Age for Routine Breast Cancer Screening – 89 per cent of Canadians believe routine breast cancer screening should begin before the age of 50.
Gathering Race-Based Data – Canada does not routinely track race-based data around breast cancer screening rates, however studies in the U.S. have found black people have clear, poorer outcomes when it comes to breast cancer, especially young black women. BCC’s study found that 79 per cent of Canadians believe that Canada should prioritize gathering race-based data on cancer screening rates to address a lack of information on racial disparities. 
Canadians’ Desire to Help Future Patients – Four-in-five Canadians (80 per cent) wish their experiences with health challenges could inform research on improving health outcomes for others.
You can read the full details here.
There is a clear need to address the lack of information available. And, Breast Cancer Canada is addressing this head on.

PROgress Tracker Breast Cancer Registry
Amidst this new report highlighting the need for more patient data, we are proud to announce the launch of PROgress Tracker. This national, first-of-its-kind knowledge registry will collect experiences over the next 10 years from people with breast cancer.
BCC is now accepting participants who have or have had any stage of breast cancer, at any time during their journey, to register in PROgress Tracker and share their experiences by completing surveys that will provide missing data needed to advance progress in breast cancer management.
PROgress Tracker empowers people with breast cancer to self-report diagnosis, treatment and long-term impacts. This information is segmented based on their breast cancer type, age, ethnicity and geographic location. Researchers can then use this data to identify gaps with the goal of improving breast cancer care. 
Get started today!
Kim MacDonald was the FIRST patient to register in PROgress Tracker.
Progress through research
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