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Greetings! As we head into November, we would like to begin by extending our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your support and dedication to raising funds for breast cancer research through October.
Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a very important time for us and our collective efforts bring us closer to ending breast cancer.
Each day, our donors continue to improve and save lives through the discovery of better treatments and earlier detection of breast cancer.For those of you who are still rallying funds for research through the Raise More Challenge, we have an important reminder for you. The deadline for our contest is fast approaching.
Your dedication to raising funds is making a profound impact – and your support is funding MORE progress in 2024. 
The top individual fundraiser will receive an all-inclusive cruise for two to Alaska, Mexico, or the Caribbean courtesy of Expedia Cruises™.
The top individual or team fundraiser will also have a generous donation made in their name to their local cancer centre:
1st place: $5,0002nd place: $2,5003rd place: $1,000
To be eligible for these incredible prizes, please ensure that all funds are received before the November 30, 2023, deadline. More information can be found in the Contest Rules &
Your contributions, whether big or small, are driving us closer to better treatments, improved early detection methods, and ultimately, an end to breast cancer.  Thanks to donors like you, Breast Cancer Canada can launch research initiatives like PROgress Tracker – a groundbreaking national study gathering essential breast cancer patient experiences. This inclusive registry will capture patient voices based on type, stage, age and ethnicity, helping to address disparities and improve patient care.
PROgress Tracker isn’t just collecting data. It’s a lifeline to better breast cancer management for all Canadians.Share Your Voice at Any Stage, Any Time.Get started at: PROgressTracker.caNow, let’s delve into some significant news that emerged recently. Ontario, Canada, has taken a vital step to improve the early detection and access to care for breast cancer. In a press release, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health Sylvia Jones announced that the eligibility age for routine breast cancer screening will be lowered in the province.
Starting in the fall of 2024, individuals will be able to self-refer for publicly funded mammograms through the Ontario Breast Screening Program at the age of 40, down from the previous age of 50.
Ontario’s move is in line with a recent recommendation from the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF), which advised women to begin breast cancer screening at age 40, repeating it every two years. This recommendation is aimed at preventing more women from succumbing to breast cancer.
To provide some context, we’ve also outlined the current standards for breast cancer screening in various Canadian provinces:
Alberta: Routine screening starts at age 45.
British Columbia: Women can access mammograms at age 40.
Manitoba: Screening is encouraged for those aged 50-74.
New Brunswick: Eligibility age will be lowered to 40 in early 2024.
Newfoundland and Labrador: Screening is offered to women aged 50-74.
Nova Scotia: Asymptomatic women aged 40-49 are advised to get an annual mammogram.
Prince Edward Island: Women aged 40-74 can receive publicly funded mammograms.
Quebec: Screening is recommended for women aged 50-69.
Saskatchewan: Routine mammograms are available for residents aged 50-74.
Northwest Territories: Screening is recommended for women aged 50-74.
Nunavut: Mammograms are available starting at age 40.
Yukon: Women can access routine screening every year between the ages of 40 and 49.
You can Know More by cancer isn’t one disease, it’s over 50, each requiring specialized management. You can drive progress in 2024 — and beyond by making a holiday gift today! As the only national organization solely dedicated to funding breast cancer research, Breast Cancer Canada needs your support to continue this crucial work!Please give to support research that makes personalized breast cancer care connected with us on our social channels:
We invite you to keep in touch with us. We look forward to sharing more stories, research and progress with you!        Progress through
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