Children and snow plows


A snow plow operator has POSTED THIS AND ASKED US TO SHARE HIS MESSAGE…Just got back from plowing snow and would ask all parents to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, TELL YOUR CHILDREN A SNOWPLOW IS BIG AND VERY VERY VERY DANGEROUS. I was About 35 feet from burying six children all 8 yrs and under today. I was very shaken and mad because parents don’t tell their kids to stay away from the road when they see or hear a plow coming…tell them it is not fun to get in the flying snow…it is heavy and could have ice. frozen ground. or 7 to 8 tons of snow coming off the wing…If it wasn’t for one child with a bright orange hat today i would be in an institution tonight. If there is snow on the road my job is to plow it….not to babysit your kids. Please educate your kids on the dangers of snow clearing equipment