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Why do I need electrical certification on my Mobile/ Manufactured home? 

To list a mobile home for sale in British Columbia, you need an approval label, which includes a certification mark or a silver label, applied by an accredited 

certification body such as Technical Safety BC or stickers by Canada Standards Association (“CSA”). 

Here’s a straightforward plan for homeowners to address the absence of an FSA electrical certification: 

1. *Initial Assessment: 

– Locate Existing Labels: Check for any existing CSA stickers, MHR stickers, or other approval marks. 

– Review Alterations: Determine if any electrical alterations have been made and if they were done under proper permits. 

2. *Contact Certified Professionals: 

– Licensed Electrical Contractor/ Field Safety Representative (FSR): If alterations were done without a permit, hire a licensed electrical contractor to inspect the home’s electrical system. They can provide detailed inspection, identify deficiencies, and recommend necessary repairs. 

3. *Address Deficiencies: 

– Based on the inspection,rectify any deficiencies to meet safety standards. 

– Update outdated or non-compliant electrical components to ensure safety and adherence to current regulations. 

4. *Obtain Certification: 

– FSA Electrical Certification: After all upgrades and repairs, an FSR can certify that the home’s electrical system meets the required standards. 

– Approval Label: Ensure to get an approval label from Technical Safety BC or another accredited certification body indicating compliance. 

5. *Documentation: 

– Maintain Records:Keep all documentation related to inspections, upgrades, and certifications for future reference. 

6. *Insurance and Marketability: 

– Update Insurance : may positively impact your insurance terms. 

– Marketability: With certification in place, it satisfies both safety standards and legal requirements. 

By following these steps, homeowners can mitigate risks associated with uncertified electrical systems, ensure compliance with local regulations, and enhance the overall value and safety of their manufactured homes in BC.

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