City of Nelson

The Nelson Bylaw Department in collaboration with the Nelson Police Department and B.C Conservation Service would like to remind residents of the importance this time of year is for safety regarding the City of Nelson Waste Management and Wildlife Attractant Bylaw #3198.

With bears preparing for hibernation they are beginning to seek out as many food sources as they can like fruit trees, gardens, garbage, compost and bird feeders. Did you know that bird feeders are not to be used from April 15- December 1 each year in the City? Any fruit that has fallen from a tree or a bush is to be removed from the ground and properly disposed every three days. It is critical to do our best and have all residential and commercial garbage stored securely within a principal building, an accessory building or in a wildlife restraint container. No person is allowed to store, deposit, pile, place, discard or otherwise accumulate any garbage in or on any property and in such a manner that may be accessible to wildlife, except where authorized by this bylaw. A potential fine of $150.00 could be issued if not abided by. Please do your best to adhere with this Bylaw so we can protect our wildlife and bears, in order to avoid the needless euthanizing of wildlife.

The City of Nelson is offering at cost bear resistant bins for those who are interested. You can contact Public Works at 250-352-8238. If you have inquiries for the Bylaw Department you can contact us at 250-505-5666 and for any emergencies contact the Nelson Police Department at 250-354-3919 or 911 for in progress emergencies. For problems with wildlife contact BC Conservation RAPP line at 1-877-952-4277.