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Horoscope for the Week of May 3

Michael O’Connor <michael@sunstarastrology.com>Fri, May 3, 10:30 AM (22 hours ago)
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Astrology Readings ~ Numerology ~ Coaching ~ MentoringGift Certificates ~ Testimonials RecommendationsYour Weekly Horoscope for May 3 – 9Thank you for sharing with friends!​Looking for deeper understanding, guidance, and direction?Gain more clarity, insight, and strategy with an Astrology or Numerology Reading.Had a Reading lately, and want to top it up with some valuable bonuses? Check out my popular Package 360.​Learn how an Astrology Reading can help you​​Make an AppointmentUranus, Pluto, and Saturn too in their respective, challenging sign placements, are indicators of these increasingly complex times. How we will adapt will require more strategic thinking than usual. This is where gaining a clearer understanding of your destiny cycles and rhythms supporting clearer visions will prove extra helpful.” ~ MichaelTip of the Week:
​In the final, fading light of the lunation cycle that was seeded by the Solar Eclipse on April 8, we prepare for the New Moon seed on May 7/8 at 18 Taurus 02. (Each sign is comprised of 30 degrees and, like time, a degree is comprised of 60 minutes and each minute has 60 seconds of ‘celestial arc’).Interestingly, the New Moon will form close aspects to Saturn and Uranus. Where Saturn is symbolic of tradition, Uranus reveals the revolutionary impulse of change. In the process, the status quo is ever-challenged, and we are all pushed to adapt.​Saturn in Pisces, the last and most mystical sign of the Zodiac symbolic of the disembodied soul, (where it can be described as in the added process of the dissolution of form and structure), indicates that resistance to the march of time is even more futile than usual.​Mercury closely aligned with Chiron in Aries indicative of a fiery, visionary, and pioneering impulse shares close association with both assertive Mars also in Aries, Jupiter and Uranus still closely aligned in foundation-building and resourceful Taurus. Innovation and invention are keywords. How will you respond?​Have a great week, and… stay tuned for updates on my next Masterclass: Numerology For Life!​Michael​michael@sunstarastrology.com
​​***Get extended weekly tips, monthly video forecasts, discounts, and more with a Membership!​Weekly Horoscope:​Aries (Mar 21 – Apr 19)Despite last month’s historic eclipse in your sign, Mars closely aligned with stoic Saturn and nebulous Neptune was adrift as if called into the abyss by mischievous mermaids. Mercury was also retrograde, so the overall impact could have proved quite uneventful, or delayed. You can expect the influence of the Taurus New Moon to be much more assertive.​Taurus (Apr 20 – May 20)
Whatever remaining energy there is from last month’s eclipse will be squeezed out as the New Moon in your sign enters a rapid growth cycle. Returns for prior efforts, or lack thereof, for better or worse, continue as an important influence this week. While outer activities require your attention and input, you may have to shift your attitude into resolve mode.Gemini (May 21 – Jun 21)
You have likely been navigating the processes of change more than most. The melting away of yesteryear has been steadily underway for many weeks, years even, in the bigger picture. The final stages of this process, probably amidst all the complex weave of energies of a whole new major chapter, are forcing at least much of the old to yield and desist.

Cancer (Jun 22 – Jul 22)
You likely experienced the impact of last month’s eclipse more fully than others. It indicated changes in your social status somehow. Positively, it has introduced a fresh start and promising new momentum. This influence will continue for some weeks yet, so keep thinking forward and answer the call to break through any resistance to take new leads.

Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 23)
Slowly but surely, a process of transformational change is underway. This began a year ago, but the pace is now accelerating. Yet, there remains a slow and gradual influence as well, inspiring an adaptive flow and reducing any sense of urgency. If you have been resisting, avoiding, and procrastinating, you will be in crisis, so use this to assess your situation.

Virgo (Aug 24 – Sep 22)
Your commitment to the future implies a learning curve combined with the need to change your approach. Mars entering Aries this week will serve to ignite your ambitions. Expect your workload to increase. Managing your time well will prove extra important and there will be little time for idleness. Focus on strengthening relations, both personal and professional.​
Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 22)
An important cycle of change will be germinated by this New Moon. A significant emphasis on finances and returns on investments is indicated. To this end, your attitude will prove shrewd and edgy and could perhaps even prove ruthless to some. Be careful not to jeopardize harmony by slipping on the proverbial velvet gloves over your iron fiscal fists.

Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 21)
The Aries cycle was rather complex for many and you were not exempt. Positively, it pushed you to assert a new resolve in your daily rhythm and routine. Especially thanks to expansive Jupiter and innovative Uranus, the results could be significant in terms of promising new alliances that will undergo a robust growth cycle starting this week.

Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21)
Despite all the complexities of this lingering significant Aries impulse, it has probably proven to push you forward somehow. Now you are entering into the adjustment and adaptation phases at a whole new level. Subtle but sure changes in your usual approach are indicated and you are challenged to persevere faithfully, so take things one step at a time.

Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 19)
As the turn of spring builds momentum, you find yourself in a creative and inspired mood. This trend will not only continue but increase in the coming weeks. What better way to respond than to engage with innovative projects emphasizing beauty? An easy, graceful flow will have to contend with an ardent push to purge, to realize the deeper meaning of spring cleaning.Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 19)
The Aries impulse was destined to loosen the grip of prior perspectives. Like turning last year’s garden in preparation for new seeds and plants, you are fast approaching the time to act more decisively regarding these destined directives. Your best strategy probably includes creating more beauty close to home and raising your overall vibration.

Pisces (Feb 20 – Mar 20)
Taurus time is one of generating new ideas. With Mars especially in Aries, taking an assertive approach will feel right and probably necessary. It will also inspire your ambitions to take on larger creative projects. These will probably continue through much of June as well and following through will leave you feeling like you are in alignment.​​​​