Hey Dancers! Invitation to free workshop: 3 Simple Steps to Release Stuck Energy

Have you ever looked forward to a night out and for some unexplainable reason your heart’s not in it? Is it you…your partner?

Or ever had times when even deciding what to make for dinner feels like hard work? 

Does trying to figure out what to do next on your to-do list turn your brain into mush?

It’s not fun feeling stuck and second guessing every decision you make.

The good news is, we have the power to unblock that energy and open it up to flow again. 

I’m curious if you’ve ever considered that we live in 5 bodies.

Because in our wholeness as a human being, we do exist in ALL 5 bodies:

  • for the physical, we might head out to lift weights at the gym or swim laps at the pool
  • maybe for the emotional, we’ll search out a therapist or counsellor
  • seeking out personal coaching and mindfulness practices is popular for the mental 
  • for the spiritual, meditation or breathing techniques connect us to something greater
  • And

…even though it’s the most often overlooked, the energetic body is the most important because each of our bodies has an energetic aspect.

In essence, the well-being of our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies is interconnected with that of the energy body. And vice versa.

Wholistic integration.

Think of our energetic body and its well-being as an invisible thread that ties everything together.

When our energy is in flow like a river, our whole well-being is nourished. But when it gets stuck, like a dam in the river, all sorts of issues can manifest as physical discomfort, emotional heaviness and mental fog.

Would you be opposed to learning 3 simple steps to releasing stuck energy so that decision-making is easier and to stop second guessing yourself?

If you’d like to join us for a free workshop, REPLY to this email with RELEASE now because this will be the only email that you will get with information about this workshop. I’ll be happy to send you the link to sign up.

In the Spirit of Health and Healing, 


P.S. You’re invited to join us for a free workshop to learn how you can release stuck energy with 3 simple steps and reconnect with your intuition. To accept, REPLY to this email with RELEASE. See you there!