Monday Partner Dancing & mini-Lesson

~ Hey Friendlies! Come Partner dancing ~  

Monday, April 29

Mini-Lesson & Social

This Monday’s lesson:


HUH? BAR ROOM  TANGO ???   Yes !

7:00 pm ! – 7:45 pm  mini-lesson

Bar Room Tango* not Argentine

with Peter , all levels

Bar Room Tango is a melodramatic, exaggerated, joyful, smooth, exuberant, carefree, irreverent, improvised dance to tango music.

Easy to learn, quick to have fun.

Think of dramatic tango songs like: 

Hernando’s Hideaway, Kiss of Fire, & Carmen’s Habanera

The compelling beats of tango music beckon us all to get up and dance…but do we dare?  

This is not *Argentine or conventional Ballroom tango but – it is done to tango music and is designed to delight right away – through improvisation.

Lesson at 7 pm. Pls arrive a few minutes before 7.

7:45 pm – 9:45 pm Social Dancing Mixer ~ partner not necessary

Mixed Playlist includes: 

swing, blues, fusion, oldies, westcoast, tango, familiar, latin, jazzy, contemporary, waltz, cha cha.

North Shore Hall – Nelson’s fabulous dance hall

675 Whitmore Rd, Nelson, V1L 6H7

1 mile past the Big Orange Bridge

$10 cover at the door,  or 

e-transfer to peteclement@gmail.com

-sliding scale as needed

Fusion Partner Dancing means improvising with a partner in sync.

Our Purpose:

  • making partner dancing fun, right from the beginning
  • teaching you how to improvise a partner dance in sync, to any music
  • increasing your confidence and competence every time you attend
  • increasing social dancing events and participation in Nelson

Upcoming Drop-in Monday events:    Apr 29, May 13, May 27, Jun 10, Jun 24

*Argentine Tango is the root of all types of tango which have evolved over time including the familiar American and International Ballroom,  Finnish, Salon, Uruguayan, Apilado, Nuevo, and Show.

Tango emphasizes playful movement, intense expression, flair, and romance.

Bar Room Tango is an improvised light hearted fusion of Ballroom Tango + Swing + Blues. 

It was developed for people who want to get up and dance to the captivating tango rhythms, but who may not yet have taken courses in any of the traditional tango steps and patterns.

People who have attended our Fusion Partner dancing events over many years know that along with rhythm dances,  we teach people the fundamentals of improvising a partner dance, so that one can dance to any music right away.

Learning to improvise with a partner is the key !

Let’s dance more in ’24 !

Guaranteed to increase your fun quotient !