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Yo ! Coucou – Come Partner Dancing –


 Mon. Nov. 6 / 23

Fusion Partner Dancing in Nelson 

What is it?

Improvised dancing in sync with a partner, to any music.

How does it work?

“Lead and Follow” enables a smooth synchronized connection; 

“Contextualizing” not “memorizing”  enables improvising together.

Is it hard to learn?

Not hard to learn.  It takes a bit of practice to get good, but

it is fun right from the beginning ! 

Why should I attend Monday evening ?  

  • 1/2 hr. mini-lesson, with Peter
  • 2 hours of dancing to mixed upbeat playlist.
  • Personal coaching available by request during the evening.
  • Competence and confidence increases quickly. Fast learning curve.
  • Friendly, informal, chill, no partner necessary – very social.
  • Exercise, socialize, improve and have fun all at once !
  • Highly beneficial – see link below “Why partner dancing is good for you”

Bi-Weekly Monday Fusion Partner Dancing !

7:00 – 7:30 pm  mini-lesson, all levels. Improvising, lead & follow

7:30 – 9:30 pm social dancing , coaching by request

$10 cover at the door, or by e-transfer peteclement@gmail.com

North Shore Hall

675 Whitmore Rd, Nelson, V1L 6H7

1 mile past the Orange Bridge

Why Partner Dancing is Good For You

ReferencesfromPsychologyToday,  Jan 2023

  • Builds strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance;
  • Impacts mood, happiness, and resilience;
  • Enhances memory, orientation, and concentration.
  • When we synchronize to a beat, our brains release cocktails of “happy chemicals”  of endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, etc. Humans feel more aware, alive, and resourceful, and more able to push through fear and tolerate pain. 



Upcoming Monday events: Nov 6, Nov 20, Dec 4, Dec 18