Nelson Grans to Grans Valentine Sale – S O L D O U T –

Valentine Sale

We have successfully

S O L D   O U T   

of all our stock of baking.


 We will raise over $1000 for the Grandmothers Campaign with this valentine sale.

order instructions below


Baking Selection
Homemade with love and nicely packaged in boxes.      1. Mixed Cookies $15 
(approximately 2 dozen)
2. Gluten-free Cookies $15
 (special order) 
3. Candies $10 
(approximately 1 dozen)
4. Raw Vegan Chocolates $10
(1 dozen, special order)
“Raw chocolate sweetened with a
little agave and spiced for a little kick

Beeswax Wraps
Handcrafted locally by Nelson Grans

     Set of three for $18
small 7″, medium 10″, large 13″​There are many colours to choose from.See our valentine colours below…


We are donating ALL profits to the Grandmother to Grandmothers Campaign.
As NGO funding is drying up in Africa due to COVID-19, it is more important than
ever for us to keep raising funds for resources for our African grandmother sisters!