SUBJECT: Summer Recap

During the summer months of 2022, the Nelson Police responded to 1,839 calls for service. Whilst this
may not seem like a lot in comparison to other years, officers were kept very busy. Here is a summary of
some of the most prominent and interesting incidents.
A Nelson man ransacked a house on the suspected tail end of a multi-day, drug induced bender. When
Police arrived on scene they found the man inside dressed in multiple winter layers brandishing a knife.
The man eventually advanced toward Police trying to shield himself behind a sleeping bag but was
successfully apprehended, unharmed, after a tazer deployment.
Members checked a suspicious RV traveling down toward CP rail property. The Washington licence plate
returned with a positive hit for a Silver alert from Washington State, USA for a missing senior with
dementia.  The male was apprehended under the Mental Health Act and spent the night at Kootenay Lake
Hospital before being reunited with his very relieved family.  The male was unaware he was in Canada and
thought he had made a wrong turn having driven for 7.5 hours.  Canadian Border Services Agency
followed up as the vehicle had run the border in Grand Forks.
A civilian called NPD to report a vehicle driving erratically. Members located the vehicle in Mountain
Station and initiated a traffic stop. The vehicle stopped initially, however the driver refused to cooperate
with officers’ commands and then decided to flee the scene. In the course of their escape, the driver
drove at a police officer, and collided with trees and a truck. The driver got a short distance before they
stopped and bailed out of the vehicle, running behind a chicken coop. The member pursued the driver on
foot and chased the driver back and forth around the chicken coop, yelling, “You’re under arrest!” with
the driver repeatedly responding, “No, I’m not!”
In late August a Nelson women borrowed her boyfriend’s car after consuming some adult beverages. She
only made it a few blocks before she proceeded to collide with multiple objects that resulted in the car
being flipped on to its roof. Thankfully both her and her dog were able to walk away unhurt but she did
lose her driver’s licence.

During a period of intense lightning that started multiple wildfires just outside the City of Nelson, Nelson
Police Department spent days fielding calls in relation to the water bombers operating over the city. The
most prominent of these was placed by a gentleman who called 911 to complain about the noise.
A male entered a local business and told employees that he was there to work on the furnace and the
staff allowed him access to the basement. When the owner arrived and questioned who was downstairs
he advised staff there was no furnace and the police were called to remove the male.
Members received a third hand report of an armed robbery in progress inside of a residence. The
members called the single occupant out of the residence. They initially appeared from the residence
unclothed but then returned and exited wearing a motor cycle helmet, ski goggles and a life jacket. The
occupant was apprehended.
The Darwin Award this summer goes to the male who pocketed a lit cigarette whilst talking to officers and
subsequently set his shirt on fire.
It is our pleasure and honour to continue to serve you.
Our regards
The Nelson Police Department