Nelson Police Department

M E D I A    R E L E A S E
The Nelson Police Board issued the following statement in response to Mayor Dooley’s request for a province-wide review of policing in British Columbia.
As a Board, we collectively believe in the inherent dignity of every person and are committed to our mission in providing independent civilian oversight, governance and strategic leadership to the NPD in order to reflect the needs, values, and diversity of our communities.
Should the Province of BC choose to initiate a province-wide review of policing in BC, the Nelson Police Board and the NPD will fully co-operate and assist in every way.
As a Board, we are dedicated to continuing to build an organization that not only reflects the community it serves but is an integral part of the community. We hear voices and concerns of our community and acknowledge discrimination that too many members of our society have faced for too long. These patterns must be broken and there is more work to be done as a society towards implementing positive change.