Nelson Police Department

Nelson Police Department Setting Up Diversity Advisory Committee
The Nelson Police Department is committed to tackling many of today’s relevant issues head on.  Issues have been identified throughout policing around the relationships between police and visible minorities, marginalized peoples and the LGBTQ2+.  The goal of the committee is to have representation and a voice from members of these communities to discuss issues and concerns in an open and safe environment.
As with many things, communication is the key.  Understanding the issues and perceptions from all angles and viewpoints is the best way to come up with collaborative solutions and meaningful changes to the relationships.  The purpose of the Diversity Advisory Committee is to strengthen community and police relationships, increase understanding and create a positive working atmosphere.
Currently, the NPD is having preliminary discussions with community members and a consultant to identify what the mandate, mission and objectives of the DAC should be, based on advice from the community members it is intended to serve.  It is very important to start out this committee with a strong foundation with a clear mission and some key objectives to make the most efficient and effective outcomes possible.
Once these are identified and the expectations and commitment of committee members will look like, the NPD DAC will be seeking out representatives that can be a liaison and speak for their community’s concerns and relay information and clarifications to all parties.
Watch for updates in the near future and consider who may be a good representative for your voice on the committee.